Your The Loser Not Me..

my parents sit there on the couch and call me loser, and retard, and say i'm sick in the head, and I have no respect. maybe its because they treat me like a little kid, they give me no space, always asking me questions, and telling me I cant sleep over my girlfriends house, and making all these rules, and my mom is constantly just bothering me and god forbid I dont show her any love or talk to her all hell breaks loose. yeah over the years of always calling me names has messed with my mind, so maybe i am sick in the head but they made me this way. my mom was crying last night, and expected me to go apologize to her, well i dont buy those fake crocidile tears, and my heart is cold like ice. why should i apologize when shes the drama queen that starts it. they dont understand that im happier when im left alone. my dad is even worse keeps threatening me that hes gonna kick me out, um news flash old man its not a threat i'll get my **** and leave whenever the **** i want. soon though.. very soon, and when i leave they will never see my face again. I cant wait
parisit85 parisit85
1 Response Jul 31, 2010

I understand you.<br />
but there is something I don't understand.<br />
You're at least 22.. why havent you moved out yet if they are such horrible people?