A Rap I Made Up For My Mother...

It's a good thing your reading that bible,
because you need all the prays you can get.
Everyone see's an angel but we both know that isn't true.
So keep readin'.
Maybe you'll learn some things like,
how not to be a ****** up mother.
World's best mom is a reward that isn't your possession,
if I could choose world's worst mother,
that would be all yours to possess
You say you don't care
and you know ma, that's what hurts the most.
I wanna know, What did I do?
What I could do?
To get the same love that the dogs do.
Yea, mom I said it.
You love the dogs more then me.
So again I ask what could I do to deserve that kind of love.
You say dad sacrifices too much for his kids,
but that's only because he had to make up for all the sacrificing you didn't do.
Mommy I love you and I say this from the bottom of my heart,
but I don't like you.
Actually I can't stand you!
You’re not perfect.
I know that, trust me I know that.
I’m not asking you to be.
I’m just asking you to show me the love,
that everyone says you have for me.
Stop being such a selfish B**** and open up.
Then maybe just maybe you'll have my respect.
You know the respect you keep asking for...

I hate explaining myself because I don't really think I should have to but I guess to clarify some things I will. My mother cheated on my father(even tho I admit he an *******) with another ******* who would physically and mentally abuse both my brothers and I. We lived in Texas at the time and since we moved we never spoke of Texas til I was about 17. She admits that she never knew what happen which to me is worse because who the hell do you not know your own children are being abused by the man your *******. She also admitted to me she doesn't care(she says it to this day and multiple times at that.) So **** you all and **** my mother. Also **** God, oh yea I said it. **** god for letting all that happen, if there even is a god. Since I stop believing in him I sleep alot better at night.
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2 Responses Aug 3, 2010

Look i completely understand ... I hate my mom too (and my dad) i used to pray everyday that they'd die... And also write raps to diss them (though i'm not half as good as you lol) oh and that doesn't mean there isn't a god hun (: sure life isn't fair .. I think that's why afterlife exists just to make everything fair [:<br />
But you're free to think whatever you want i respect your opinion (:

That's totally un fair to talk about your own mother. You are not only talking about her but God first you may live to regret that. We all need God and angels save lives and of all the things in the world you talk about it should never be about something you will never know all the facts about! that is GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shame on you

I am a wise woman and I have a right to comment on any story that is posted on EP if you dont want comments dont post experience okay! Im grown and it doesnt matter what you say I will continue to voice my opioin any where I feel the desire to.

I know know more about your mother or you than you tell! If there is more anyone should know you could have told that too. However I learn right much about you alright and you have said little and I can see I was right you had to have input too!!!!!!!! Beside if you are disrespectful to your parents I am really not expecting much from you as far as I am concern.