I Hate My Parents So Effin' Much!

Whenever i do something wrong, my parents would automatically yell at me, but seriously that sounds kinda normal right? i mean everyone's parents yell at them, right? But it seems like everything i do is wrong to them, they always want everything done their way and then say you lack of "brains" Seriously, was i born to be my dad's shadow, if i wasnt then why do u expect me to be a clone of u, whenever i achieve something and try my best, u say im not good enough, not smart enough... 
U always said, No expectations, No disapointment, but what u r really doing right now is setting a really high expectation that i cant achieve, whenever i say i cant, u say just try ur best, and it'll be alright but then u seem to forget what u used to say whenever the results come out, then u start showing ur faces and every thing i say seems like excuses. 
Ur very famous sentence, why does two smart people give birth to such a stupid child, it might have seemed like a joke or even "accidental" but its not the first time or will ever be the last. When i get mad, u'll tell me, if u dont like it, the door is there, u can walk out and never come back again. For times, i wished i could do it but running away didnt solve anything.
Whenever a friend had a party, i would always want to go, and u never really understood why, even when mom was hospitalised, i wanted to go, heres ur answer now, its because my friends have always been there for me, at times when u always havent been. U never understood me, u know why? because u never tried, because all u cared is whether we got good grades or not, or whether we were behaving, u acted like we are 3 yr olds. 
Once, i asked mom, why she gave birth to me, and u know she told me dad? i bet u dont, she said "I gave birth to u so i can have maids, whos gonna take care of me when im old, whos gonna do the house chores?" Even though she acted like it was a joke, it hurt me like ****, hell yeahh it did, everytime i was upset, i could only plaster a fake smile on my face and pretend like everything was fine, because u would never understand,. When i accidentally break something of yours,you'll flare the famous temper of urs and not give a damn **** about what i want to say, in ur case what kind of "excuses" am i going to tell u this time. 
I know it would nt make a difference with u reading this but one question Dad, did u ever appreciate me for what i did? or was everything i did was just another disapointment to u? 
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1 Response Aug 5, 2010

you're not alone..<br />
<br />
I don't mean to hurt you, but it's actually ironic. Because the person this is written to probably doesn't even care.<br />
<br />
I have a dad just like yours, and whenever I tried to tell him how I felt (something I gave up long time ago) he didn't care. He thinks he's so perfect and that he can't do anything wrong. <br />
It's just so frustrating.<br />
I just gave up on him.