I Own You!!!

I am a 17 year old kid from minnesota
**** parents   im sorry i cant be your perfect son, im sorry that i make mistakes, im sorry i dont want to be an engineer, but i am almost an adult i can make my own decisions.  it is my life and i can survive without you.  I have a job, i get good grades, i play sports, and i have a amazing girlfriend.  i am a pretty good kid.   but my parents still dont ******* trust me i mean i am 17 and my ******* parents still call my friends parents b4 i go over to make sure they are there,  i cant stay home alone for the night, i cant go anywhere with another family for more than a day.  THEY CONTROL MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!!!!! just this week i was planning on going to a waterpark with some friends and that night at app. 2 a.m. they ******* searched my car... and we got into a huge arguement and they admitted that quote " you have no freedom this house is not a democracy, i own your room, i own your car, and i own you!" later they went on to admit they have searched my room b4... I have absolutly no privacy in this house    IF YOUR READING THIS MOM AND DAD **** YOU!!!!!! i cant wait to move out!!!!!
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wow, our parents would really like eachother I think.<br />
The first part of you story.. I have thesame feelings.<br />
<br />
it sucks that they want to own everything..<br />
I know how it feels.<br />
especially the lack of trust is ridiculous..<br />
<br />
but just know that there are even worse controlling parents out there<br />
I'm a 17 year old girl and i"m not allowed to play soccer, I'm not allowed to have a job because they're afraid I will study less if I get one.<br />
I had to quit my piano lessons for the same reason while I was still getting straight A's.<br />
I still hate them for that. <br />
And I don't even have a car. :) ( while my parents are wealthy)<br />
<br />
and I toootally get you on the moving out part. :)

i agree with you 100%

I don't know who the **** invented the idea that your parents own you and your everything just because they brought you into this f***ing world. I mean how can a parent claim that he/she loves their child but at the same time they feel that they own this child and that the child -who may not be a child any more- owes them something ? Oh, they brought me into this world, you say, and raised me. Well, like I always say, I didn't f***ing ask to be given life. It was their OWN f***ing selfish decision, or like many parent say "by mistake" ! Huh ! Well, this is what I know, if you decided to bring a soul into this miserable world to satisfy your own selfish desires, then you owe this soul for the rest of your life, AND NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. Don't expect that child to worship you and obey you because you provided for him/her. It's not a choice or a favour. You bring a child into this world, it's your obligation to work like a donkey to provide for him/her and again, don't expect anything in return from this child.<br />
<br />
Make your parents understand that, and that you don't owe them **** because they brought you into this f***ed miserable world. Try to live on your own though it's not easy. But whatever you do, do NOT mess up your own life by doing drugs, alcohol or other stupid stuff. Do NOT let your anger at your parents be an excuse for ruining your own life like many young people do. That's never an excuse. Just find your own way and go to school or something and establish your own life. You don't need your parents. After all, they'll probably end up kicking you out anyway like many "loving" parents do when their kids are in their late teens.

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