I Hate My Parents All The Time

Today my mom actually tried to get me and my siblings to confront my dad about his recent long nights out a.k.a sleeping around. How ****** up is that! I'm 19 years old mind you, and my sister (has a mental illness) and brother are both slightly older than me. Seriously, mom you just told me you hate my dad and have no desire to be with him sexually then why do you care if he sleep around???? He pays all the bills. Did I tell you that both my parents were trained as doctors. Yet the best job my dad can get here is 40, 000 dollars to feed a family of five. FML!!!! Also, I am the only one in the family who is currently attending college - my brother dropped out, my sister never attended, so they are seen as colossal failures and I am the only one who is holding my family together since I am the only one who has the chance to become a successful doctor like them! Sad thing is I probably will follow in my parents footsteps so I can get the hell away from my family and have a decent shot at life. I am an extremely studious student and my only hope of happiness is financial and academic success. I always wondered why I am so awkward and fail at forming successful, emotional relationships with others and why I am so depressed, know I no why! If I was a deadbeat like my brother, I would honestly commit suicide. Did I mention my parents are both extremely religious, I was raised a muslim. I am also gay, and my mom always tells me the gay people should be executed.....FML.
yahmed yahmed
Aug 9, 2010