I Hated Them when they Had Sex

I’m a grown man now and my parents are nice to me…now. But somehow I can’t forget what they used to do to me when I was a little boy. Whatever they do I don’t thing will make me forget my childhood.
They used to have sex alot, they were crazy about sex when they were young couple… you might say that there is nothing wrong with that, they were married couple and they have the right to do it. Yes I agree with you but… they also love to give their kids a clue that they were doing it. I think they enjoyed letting us knew they were having sex. In some cases they had gone too. I will tell you some of these stories and you can be the judge.

We used to sleep in one room.. my parents, me and my sister. Sometimes I woke up because I heard my dad was talking loudly “takeoff your pants” and my mom said “don’t you have enough sleeping on me” at that time I thought he was bothering her but I found out later that she was enjoying it too. They both was talking loudly forgetting about us or maybe they wanted us to hear them.

Once they sent us to buy things from the store and when we came back and open the bedroom door, they got up quickly from their bed. I could tell that they were doing it from the smile on their faces… my dad was wearing a long traditional clothes and when he got up I saw his clothes were going down and I saw his naked legs, he was definitely was not wearing pants… my mom was wearing a short skirt and used to wear long pant with it before they sent us away but when we came back we could see her thigh. They sent us again and again and we kept seeing them getting up from their bed many times and every time they look happier and more excited.

They have done the previous plan with us many times… one day they did something different for change. When we came back we couldn’t open the door because it was lucked… I knocked and knocked trying to stop them and started to scream but they didn’t care in fact they started kissing with loud sound to let us hear them. Finally my dad opened the door and I saw my mom inside biting her lips with smile and she started pulling her pants to make sure that we knew that she wasn’t wearing it before.

Once they make us sleep at noon... I woke up and went to the living room, before I reached there I saw naked legs on top of each other... they were doing it in the floor... my dad was in the top and he was vibrating his legs... my mom was facing him and doing nothing but her legs shaking because of him. it was very awkward.. I never seen this before not even in TV.. it was too awkward that I went back to sleep without any sound. Didn’t they thought about it… being naked in the house like that… did they thought we were sleeping or dead.

Once I saw my sister crying in the bedroom when I got in to see what was happening I started to cry with her because we were looking at our parents' bed… they were under their cover and moving wildly… even that they were totally covered but we could tell that my dad was on top of my mom and he was moving up and down in a way I thought he was hurting my mom. They didn’t care about our cry… actually they wanted us to see.. why did they left the door open… why they kept having sex while we were their… why didn’t they stop. I thought my mom was sad too but when I grow up I understood that if she didn’t like what was happening, she could make my dad stop it… in matter fact, she was smarter and braver than him and sometimes she used to lead him. But during sex I thought he was punishing her for shouting on him sometimes. they both were injoying us watching them even thought they knew that we hated it as much as they liked it... but they were bigger than us and they did what they wanted to do.

Do I have the right to hate them or not?

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Glad I'm not the only one going through this, for about 2 years really thought my dad was hurting my mom, got to the point I was going to tell someone at school or my auntie, but one day my mom and dad were like toy fighting on the living room carpet all laughing and joking, my mom said 'right big boy lets see wot you got and ran up the stairs with my dad. mom shouted down for me to turn the tv up louder, weird or wot I thought. and then noises I got used to hearing, I listened o the stairs, I was shaking so much I nearly wet myself. My mom wanted that and dad was nothurting her. when my mom cam down she had that look on her face, like you now, like my gan used to to say, the cat got the cream. I was so dumb back then but hey like 12!!!!

I really would like to contact you.
if you can add me as a friend in the facebook

Next time u visit them and they are with their friends start to talk about it and how sad u were and how tramatized they will get embarassed and learn a lesson. Also make sure u tell it with great detail and no matter how much they give u a 'stop' look u continue and once u r done saying everything give them a smile and a look. Ps if this happens to any of u readers just know that it is child abuse.

If you're a grown man you surely realize adults have sex, and it's healthy and not perverted. If more adults would simply talk to their kids about sex and explain it instead of hiding behind closed doors and pretending the kids don't know or can't hear, then the kids would grow up with a healthy attitude about sex. But if adults are making a lot of noise during sex but never discuss it, how are the kids supposed to understand what's going on?

You have every right to hate them, absolutely! The fact that they were turned on by their own children is illegal, cruel, plus they didn't even care! Disgusting! My view is, if you want to have sex, reproduce, don't do it for the fun of it, especially with CHILDREN.

I had the same problem my mom and dad were SUPER loud when I was asleep and they will yell so I could hear them

Yes you do I have the same problem except my parents aren't married they do it every night and our house is big so sound travels and my sister and I used to sleep on the couch in the living room because you could here it loud and clear from our room

ok. I am scared just reading this! You have so much right to hate them! If i were you in this situation, i would run with my siblings to either other relatives or friends, tell your story to them and they would surely let you stay at their house!! another option would be to call kids help line or what ever there is!! i am so glad u are out of that place now... I wish you happiness and I hope you got out of there as soon as humanly possible! I so hope you life is better than it was...

yes you have the right to be mad

I agree I don't like my parents

YES you have a right to be mad. it sounds to me like they have an exhibitionist fetish (they like to let others know they're having sex and get turned on by it). they took their fetish too far in exposing their own KIDS to that kind of stuff. forget the ones who are saying "they're just doing what comes naturally, don't hate them! it's how you were made! they're just teaching you about sex!" i bet the people defending your parents just want to do the same thing--have kids, then have sex in front of them. because that's the only way to educate them about sex right? *rolls eyes* hell, why not just have sex with your child, so you can REALLY teach them at an early age? *ugh*

your parents were being VERY inconsiderate. they had no respect for you or your siblings. they knew their kids didn't like seeing it, but they didn't care. too busy being turned on or having sex to think of morals. i'm sorry you went through that. sex is normal, yes, but them exposing you to them doing it, without any guilt or shame when you were in the room, is not normal. it's sick. they should have told you (not shown you) what sex was, and been more discrete with their activities with each other instead of being like "hey look kids we're having sex and we don't care about you!"

also something else i wanna add, ever notice how when someone does something by themselves, it's seen as wrong, but when there's more than one person doing it, it's suddenly OK? i once read this story about someone's sibling who would ********** on the couch while watching TV with their family. they would have a blanket covering them, but they made it obvious what they were doing. NOBODY in the comments defended the perverted sibling, yet quite a few commenters here are saying it's fine if your parents are having sex in front of their children, because it's natural, or sex is beautiful, or some other bullshit. it just seems like your parents love pleasure more than they love eachother (or their kids) but who knows. and what's this "you should be happy your parents love each other! at least they're not divorced!" seriously? so if parents neglect/abuse their kid, but love each other to death, the kid should be happy for them just because their still together? why would the kid care about EITHER parent if his parents treat him like ****? you could have a lovey-dovey couple that would do anything for their partner, yet they don't care about anybody else, not even their KIDS. yes, how beautiful is that... -_-

Hi, you have all the right to feel awkward towards those scenes you have explained. i work in mental health, sexual abuse is not only when someone is forced to participate. when it comes to children sexual abuse is taking place even by letting the children watch these scenes that they cannnot fully understand. maybe your parents are disturb personalities but anyway the thing is that your resentment is really healthy and right but if you still feel you cant let go of the memories try to talk to a psychologist. best wishes

I think you and many of the people who comment haven't got many real problems in life.

My parents did it as well, all parents do, big whoop - thats how you, and all of us were made.

I walked in on my parents when I was around six and asked what they were doing, and my mom told me they were just making love - that it was natural, and how babies are made, she also said it was a beautiful and private thing moms and dads want to do on their alone time.

From that day on I hoped it would give me a little sister! :o)

I don't think your parents are as nasty as you make them sound, you make them sound like they get turned on by you and your sister catching/hearing them do it. To me it sounds like they just wanted you guys to know its a natural thing, thus the smiling and not hiding it.

If your mom didn't smile afterwards it might have come off as though she had been hurt by your father - a lot of kids get scared because the man is so rough and the woman is mostly the one moaning.

I don't mind my parents doing it, it means they are happy, healthy and having fun. I would hate it if my parents were fighting and crying.

Your parents took good care of you in all aspects and brought you up, and in my opinion you have no right to hate them for doing something that is entirely natural for married people.

People/children are so sensitive these days, gheezh.

Finally, one sane person in this thread. Besides, the way the story is written, I have my doubts it's accurate or even real. If parents simply explain what's happening, kids understand way more than you people give them credit for, depending on their age of course. But IF, and I say IF, they did it with no explanation and just to show off to their kids, then it would be wrong. But I have my doubts about this.

It's not so bad when you get use to it. I was raised in my grandmother's brothel same as my father before me. That's right. She graduated from prostitute to madame. Kids of her women also lived there. We were taught to stay in our rooms¬ come out no matter what we heard. Eventually it became 2nd nature&we understood that it was normal & necessary if we wanted food&clothes. Your parents were a bit extreme, but mahbe they thought it was natural to let you in on it. Please don't allow anger to rule you.

When I saw this story I breathed a sigh of relief because I'm going through this right now. It's really stressing me out.

In your case, it happened when you were young, so it's very likely that could actually be traumatic for you. I think you have the right to hate them. They didn't try to hide it at all.

My dad and his girlfriend aren't as bad as your parents as they close the doors and only do it in the bedroom, but they are so loud, you can hear moaning and the bed creaking. At first I was okay with dad dating and having sex, but it's so loud, it makes me hate and resent them. I feel like I can't be comfortable in my own home.

Wouldn't it be great if every town had a few sex dungeons where every couple that lives with other people can go to to have their sex and not bother their housemates? I know it's a crazy idea, but imagine!

why do you think kids hate their parents to have sex.. even though, they know that they are enjoying it

Sure, it is embarassing, but have you tried drowning out their noise with a radio or something similar. It seems silly to hate your father for doing something that is very normal and healthy.

I’m not complaining about them having sex… I just wondered why they liked us to know?.. sometimes my mother gets out of the room smiling and grabs her pants up while hard looking at me and biting her lips …
It sounds like… hey I’ve just had sex with your dad

I agree that that is strange and would be embarrassing to have to know in such detail about one's parents' sex lives.

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Sounds like you were very poor as your whole family slept in one room. My understanding is that in situations like that, people not involved in the sexual activity just ignore it. I don't think you have a right to hate your parents. They had a sex life. So what? That's normal and healthy. It's not as if they were trying to have sex with you.

it's ok to have sex... but the problem, even during the day they used to get horney by playing with us... how do you explain having sex ,totaly naked, in the living room while we were just few meters away from them in the next room

Was the door closed between the rooms? Do your parents have an addictions problem?

They don’t take drugs or anything else… they just like to show as that they have sex… we were in the room with the door opened.. they could have lucked the door or they could have sex in the other room. But they did it in the living room, so they would be a chance that we would see them.

Other things
sometimes my mother gets out of the room smiling and grabs her pants up hard while looking at me and biting her lips.. she was almost saying.. hey I’ve just had sex with your dad

once they were having sex under the quilt at noon and we kids were watching and crying.. they did not care.. they kept having sex and kissing

You definitely do. My parents did it last night and I kept hearing my mom moan. This went on for hours and when they were finally done I couldn't help but fell hatred about them. I didn't have any friends to tell, because most of them are snitches and and the ones that aren't I can't really keep in touch with.

Ugh i know. What im really mad about is that barely any of the comments share a close similarity to ur story. Im almost in highschool and i still cant erase my fudging memories of my parents doing disgusting things. They chose lust and pleasure over my mental being. They are fudging demented and im still mad to this day that they think they can boss me around when they had sex not expecting me catching them a big deal.

Yes you do my parents use to be like that until I confronted them but I was screaming at them I was very angry because they did it like every day!! Until one day my mom told me and my brother that she was pregnant I was dissapointed because I didn't want him or her to see or hear what me and my brother did :( but I was more upset because she had a abortion I hated her for that I didn't talk to her for about a month 😔

Wow. You sound like a whiny little *****. Parents who love each other and want to hold each other is a good thing. Would you rather they divorced and you only saw your dad once a month? Honestly there are a lot worse things your parents could be doing. Hey they could be sexually abusing you or your sister. If you think they were doing it to hurt you or embarras you you are wrong. They could have kept going when you walked in. Sex is a beautiful thing between two people who love each other. Sexual repression is a leading cause of sexual violence.

I know how it feels dont be so hard

STFU, you winging little ****! That poor kid is not a whining brat; he's just crying for help...AND YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO INSULT HIM?!? Well, I understand that sex is natural, but to have it in front of the kids 24/7?! That's not normal; that's just sick! That's probably like sexual abuse and parents who continuously have sex in front of their kids without even caring about said kids being present should be locked up for sexual abuse! Plus, he just wants to know why they always enjoyed having sex and exposing him and his sister to it! Seriously, what if he was your kid and you would have sex with your spouse in front of him without giving a **** about him being present at all?

You absolutely have the right! I'm still in my childhood. I'm 10 years old, and I always hear my Mum going ouch. It's disgusting. I'm on this site because, I wanna know what I should do to stop getting scared of my Mum being hurt. ;(

I agree I have just started secondary school and I'm in a similar boat I hate it when my parents do it. And I hate it when I see the things they use

Your mom obviously isn't getting hurt, women moan when they enjoy sex.

Talk to your mom about your feelings on this stuff, Im sure she will explain to you that she enjoys it and aren't being hurt.

my parents are having sex right now. it ******* sucks. just get them back one day ;)

You have the right to hate them , sometimes I actually think my mom and dad are having sex to because they stay with their room doors like half of the time and I bang on the door and my mom comes out and tells me she was reading a card when I didn't even ask for that information and I'm a 13 year old female but yeah and when I get 18 I'm going to ask that question did my mom and dad ever have sex with me in the house and if they say they did thats going to be the LAST time they ever see me and I ever see them

I've had an experience like this when I was little and I didn't like my father. I was like 6 which was awful cause I could here everything and cry myself to sleep. It got worse when I got older and we would fight and my parents would side with each other. I guess now, in his own way, is trying to make up for it, but I won't really express myself around them and won't defiantly talk things out with them

Ummmm you have every right to be mad at them. They should feel guilty for even thinking about it. I know how you feel though. My mom is a freakin' retard. She thinks that i dont know when she has sex.....but i do. Not to be a creep or anything but i go around every drawer there is in my moms room and in the bathrooms. I find almost eveything in them. I always put the condoms and stuff in a certain way so when they have sex i'll know because the condoms and stuff will be moved. I also hear them sometimes and then i dont talk to them for like a week. I REALY HATE IT WHEN MY MOM AND HER BOYFRIEND HAVE SEX. It makes me want to kill myself. I mean like he's NOT my dad and he wasnt there for me when i needed him. I also hate it when my mom and him kiss and touch eachother. I talked to her about it one night when i heard them having it (so awkward) and she said she was sorry. Now, she has it when i go to school. Should i tell her that i know when she has sex and that i want her to stop? Is this normal? Please help me im crying right now for even thinking about it because i try to listen to everything that goes on because if i should tell her then thats the time. If i should tell her that i go around her drawers and see all the condoms and stuff, how am i gonna tell her???? PLEASE HELP

That is not okay!

wow. That sucks.

I do too share a room with my parents and they had sex at 6 in the Morning and I can't sleep !!!!! UGH I HATE THEM I have school they still do that too :'( I wish I had my own room

That happened to me when I had to share a room with my mom

My neighbors used to make their kids go outside while they were having sex. First thing that this lead to was the kids watching through the window to see what was up. Then other kids started getting invited to watch. This grew until their mother was witnessed having sex with other men by several of the neighborhood children. <br />
<br />
It could always be worse!

I feel you!!!! Mynpatents erk me when they do it also my room is next to theirs

Hello, I also hate it when my parents are having sex, but I learned to deal with it at young age, the first time I heared them I was around 7, I knew what they were doing. I'm currrently 15 and in fact, they are ******* right now next to my ******* room lmfao. I kinda grow up with it. But that's not what bothers me the most, what bothers me the most is that I hate my father, hes a 69 year old and my mother is 40. When I was around 9 I just went in their room once and said like "can you please be quiet, trying to sleep", my father went crazy and gave me a slap lol, no wonder why I hate him. I think parents shouldn't be ******* out loud next to their children, I simply deal with it, but it changed me ofcourse. <br />
I started talking to much about sex when I was to young. But no worry, i've learned to see my father not as a role model, not where I should look at. I know what I hated about my father and I will not be like him as when i'm a father. Meh, I go to sleep, they finally stopped, it's 3AM here in Belguim. Goodnight!