My Family Treats Me Like Crap!.. In Soo Many Ways !

For some reson my dad,mom, brother and even younger sister treat me like crap.
Their always calling me fat for some reson im not trying to say i have the body of a model 
but im not Fat , Fat eather like super chubby.
I think im avrage for my height and weight but i guess my family dosent think that and can't exept me by how i am.
Another thing is that they always act like im  not their (ignore me /dont care if im their o not)
For example the other day my dad came from work and he started to hug my sister and talking to my mom and stuff .while i was at my room waiting for him to come and say hi.. but he never came ! and its the exact same thing with my brother!
I dont know what to do anymore .. i cant stand how mean they are to me !
And I dont know wen they will start treating better and making me feel like they actualy love me but since its it probably not going to happen soon , 

Please leave a comment if ou know a way to help me or if you know how im feeling :(
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5 Responses Mar 23, 2011

Tell me about it. My family is basically making me live on my own. I'm only 14. The best thing to do is ignore them, don't let it get to you. Parents are so confusing it's just better to pretend like it doesn't hurt. If it gets worse however, talk to your mom or dad calmly. It sometimes helps and sometimes doesnt.

I know what you are going through my mom treats me and me lil bro and sis like **** and calls us names such as retards and stupid and calls us names in spanish and hits us all the time for no ******* reason im sick and tired of it and when i do something wrong when im cleaning she calls me a ******* retard and says that im never going to get a husband, and my brother and sister only make my life worse by making me mad at them like my sis always annoys me like saying **** about me and i get mad so i tell her to go away nicely and shes like "No" and keeps on pulling my hair or tickling me and i hate to be touched so if i tickle her she goes to my mom and tells her im bullying her and my mom takes my stuff away and hits me. and my dad just helps and is always on my moms side. School is even worse it's so hard im going to 8th grade now. I wanna die so bad. :( i cry myself to sleep each night.

i know your feeling my fam treats me like crap too im not skinny they dont love me and accept me they never have they always criticize me and stuff and put me down and stuff and i am older since my brother is 21 hes their baby its always me and since his friends moved in its gotten worse i have nowhere else to go even as old as i am i have noone to turn too i cry day in and day out sometimes i feel like ending it all it gets so bad i have grown up with domestic violence drinking drug use and what not and it makes me sick they have never loved me or appreciated me but i know ur pain hang in there if u wanna talk contact me keep strong things will be ok i promise u and i will make it together we both will this will figure itself out

You'll find people who will really love you one day. I don't believe blood ties you necessarily. I really don't get on with my sister. If I was at school with her, she would have been one of the people I disliked. I feel terrible saying it, but it's the truth. She makes me feel like crap and she's four years younger than me. Your soul will seek out true family, soul family. Maybe one day your blood family will appreciate you for who you are if they don't, it is their loss. Not yours. Although it feel **** now.

just keep at it, one day life will surprise you and everything will just turn around and things everywhere willl start getting better. If you give up things will just get worse. send me a message some time I understand.