They've Made It Impossible To Love Them.

I'm 19, and SO over my parents. I've had it, my lifetime share. I dont get why my mom is so nasty to me and always picking me around. "Do this, do that.." and even when i do things without her asking, she gets mad for me doing it without asking her first. I DO NOT GET HER. Everything i do, i could do better for them. Everything i say, is crap. My parents have always treated my brother so much better than they've treated me. I really dont care anymore at this point. I was shoved into a treatment rehab centre and they tried teaching me how to get along with my parents. But the most moronic situation is that i would tell them the TRUE facts about my parents, and when me parents would visit, especially my mom, they would turn all fake and phony and the people from the centre blamed me for exagerating and being mean to my parents. Ok, whatever. My parents like to keep an image of the perfect effin' family. But i know what goes on inside these 4 walls, and as soon as i get the hell out of here i am not turning back,. Ever again. They made it impossible to love them. They may blame me all they want...i couldnt care less.
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thank you guys so much! Yes, i definently just want to leave home because i believe, and hope, that when i do things will be much easier to deal with. I simply wish to get along with them but when we are together 24 hrs a day, its impossible. I've tried to move out so many times but then i end up chickening out becase as MechanicalBunny says, there are a lot of responsibilities and stress. And maybe i'm still too young. But i hope that someday soon, i can get my own life, house and family and give to my child what i never got from my parents. Once again thanks for helping me out!

I was saying that when I was 19, too! I'm 22 now and have a full-time job and am supporting myself financially. Ever since I moved out I've been distancing myself from them. To tell you it feels like a whole new world is an understatement. Being responsible is stressful, more stressful than I thought it would be. But once I have a stable life established, I can tell I will be (and I already am) so much more happy without them in my life. It pains me sometimes because my sister is still in contact with them, and I couldn't distance myself from her too (I love her), so they pester her about me--and she keeps asking me why I won't see them. She knows, but the excuse is, "Well, they are your parents! You are their daughter!"<br />
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What I say is... Keep your dream and don't ever give up. People may judge you for it, but you shouldn't care. Only you know what it's like, and you should never apologize for how you feel about something. I have a long way to go before I can get over the damage they've done to me, but as long as I will someday I'll be able to let go of the past, I know I can keep going. I hope that inspires you, too.