Sh-t Sticks With Kids Forever

I won't go into too much detail...but my stupid *** parents didn't think much of their children throughout their lives. My dad chooses to live for the liquor rather than his daughters. I mean, its horrible to actually know your father, but never know where he is or if he is alive because he wants to drink his fuc-ing liver away. And that woman who calls herself my mother..ugh!.. where do i even begin?? Abusive -mentally, physically, and verbally...fighting your daughter at the age of nine like a grown woman on the street is a fuc-ing no go...calling all your kids ******* and hoes and dumb and telling them how much you hate them and want to kill them...isn't exactly the example you want to set for your kids. And ppl wonder why I'm so got d-mn psychotic. "I Hate My Parents".
TynkaRubix TynkaRubix
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1 Response May 28, 2011

Sounds like your mom was handling a lot when you were 9. Not making excuses for her. My mom brought us up as a solo parent and I have exactly your memories: mental, physical & verbal abuse, threatening to kill us, and beating us on the street.<br />
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As an adult, there are still some things I can't forget, but I have forgiven quite a bit now that I understand just how much weight my mom was carrying on her shoulders when we were younger. Here's one cool thing though. Because of that experience, I am a MUCH better parent than my mom was. <br />
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but . . *grin* my 17yr old may disagree , , , , until she's a bit older.