My Parents Vs Me

Man mom and my dad are a pain in the ***. When i was 13 my dad and my mom would fight all the time and when i became 12. My parents got a divorece and they were both after me. So when we went to the store they started talking in theĀ front of the store. Then it got bad my dad slapped my mom across the face then they started fighting. So i got pissed and then me and my dad started and my mom stepped away and so it was just me and my dad fighting. so when when we fought my lip was bleedingĀ  nasty style. and my dad when bruised and just a little bit of blood on his nose then. After we stopped i left them and when i went back home my dad kicked me out of the house. so then my mom moved and when i heard about that i went to see if she would let me in and she said no. So i left the house and now i dont even give a **** about my parents and i dont even see them and i live without them and everthing right now i do better than live living with my parents.
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I do not understand why your mum did not let you in. Basically you protected her by taking the fight with your dad, right?

I can imagine all the fuc**d up feelings that those two made you feel.. You shouldn't care about them, they don't deserve it. Rise above and don't ever be like them. At least, what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.;]

I am so sorry to hear that but this experience is something that has made you really strong!I believe that dealing with that cruelty taught you to fight and win in this life.You will be great!

well i live with my uncle but hes never home but i train for fights its prety cool no one to bother me

That's what I was thinking, who are you living with as of now?

Oh my god I'm so sorry bout dat. Geez no kid should hav to face dat kind of abuse. Also being kicked out by ur father & ur mother is not willing to tak u in, they r completely bad parents. They should luv & cherish u, not leave u to da world by urself. Well, da good thing is Dat ur better off without them & outta battlefield. I'm curious who is ur legal guardian?