My Mom And Dad Treat Me Like Crap

I hate my parents.They Give my Brothers and Siters allowence i dont get any money. Today my mom lost her brand new perfume and cant find it anywhere
so i got told until it turns up im not aloud out.Its the ******* summer for god sakes i have been up since seven in the morning trying to find it and i cant so i told my mam that its not around the house and she said well your not aloud outside this house still school starts its the second of july my school isnt back till the third of semptember i really feel like my parents hate me and im actually starting to wish they were dead ive ran away more time than i can remember but ive always been made come home can somone please help me its not fair and ive tried to kill myself a couple of times i dont want to die i st would rather be dead than have to live in this house for one more day.
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Well my parents both treat me like **** they say that they will kick me out of the house as soon as i get lower than a grade B in any subject. My dad has already said he hated me and wished he had nothing to do with me just cause of one little mistake i do in the house like forgetting to close a packet of food he almost threw a cup at my face. My mom shouts at me and hits me when i talk back to her over something i didnt even do all the time. Also she takes my phone away from me for not revising every damn day. And im 17. I really wish i didnt have such horrible parents.

This is why you hate your parents? I won't write you a novel or anything to warrant a tear or sympathy, but there are children who grew up not knowing what love was. Children who grew up not being able to look at the face of their mother or father out of fear of being hit and beat upon all the while listening to every hurtful word said that would cut deeper than any knife. These children grew up not knowing love, but knowing what it was like to be truly alone. Now tell me, do you really hate your parents? Because I didn't get to choose mine, but I wish I had.

And do you somehow think that people in this group don't experience what you mentioned? Please use logic.

My God, now I've seen everything.
I'm not gonna migrate to America anymore.

Lol well one i cant believe this username hasn't been taken and two same way with me my parents make me do like everything around i dont get paid and then my sisters can do whatever the **** they want sometimes i cry and wish i was never born in this family the only way i get sh!t is by Christmas halloween birthday and parties so unfair

Every day I wake up hoping its will be a better day than the rest but it never is it's always the same I get yelled at for having a shirt on the ground and when my brother has cloths on his ground my parents politely ask him to pick them up. I clean everything and if my mom sees one little piece of dust I have to clean everything again. My brother gets to sit in his room all day and do whatever he wants while I'm being told to do everything I have to take the trash out every day and do the dishes and clean dog **** off the ground and clean my cats litter box and feed the animals get my parents beer and water the plants. They don't think of me as there son they think if me as a slave. I can't wait to move out.

Your brother is older or younger than you

My parents are basically the same way. They show so much favoritism to my siblings . Yea they have chores but they don't get made. If they don't do it my parents do it, if I don't do It I get grounded or in really big trouble. When my siblings are sick they get to sleep all day. But when I'm sick I have to clean house go outside and clean. I wasn't allowed to have a Facebook or instagram or twitter till 8th grade. My sister got all that in 6th grade.. I wasn't allowed to talk to guys till last year, freshmen year. And my sis was in 6th grade and allowed. I went againt that rule and I got grounded for almost 2 years. No phone nothing... And sometimes out of nowhere they would walk in my room and ground me off my tv and radio. I never knew the reason why. Just now . I got groundeddrkm my phone cause I had an histogram .. So I had my little 5 year old brothers iPod to text this guy that ive talked to for half a year... I know everything about him. My parents don't like him because we've never met in person. They think he's fake. I oovooed him. He's the sweetest ever.! And I just got caught. Im not allowed to get my car or my lisence until i can get them myself. Which is 2 1/2 years. And they call me a ***** and a lier. I'm still a virgin . I'm waiting to have sex till I'm married , have a steady paying job, and I'm out of college. And she's the one that had sex at17. My dad told me if I ever tried to run away he would board every window and door up and change the locks. But the thing is, is that the more they keep me from doin things in the world. The mOre I want to do it... My friends, friends families , our own family Sees how differently I get treated. The bad thing is , is that when I grow up and I'm doing good on my own, they won't have any contact with me. I'm changing my phone number . They won't be invited to my graduation. Nor my wedding. There gonna realize everything they did when I have nothing to do with them no more.

My mum's is the same. I'm always cleaning up after my big brother, doing everything for him, washing his clothes, washing his dishes. And you know the sick part? He molested me for years of my life. And when I told my mum, all she did was laugh and ground me for "lying" when I hadn't. I have excellent grades, my brother has failed everything. I have a job, my brother is a lazy pig who does nothing. I continually have blisters and scabs on my hands from working and cleaning too much, and I'm only 14. I pay for all of my school clothes, my tuition, and all of my clothing, even though my mum has enough money to have just bought my brother a 3DS. I have a scar on my leg, that i tell people was a play ground incident, but was her breaking a wooden spoon on it then impaling me. Help

I hate my parents too, they didn't even raise me, my grandmother did & now my mom took us cause were "her kids" yet she treats me like **** & my other two sisters like princesses, I always try to be perfect for her, I always try and try but yet I always fail at it, because no one is perfect and no one has a perfect life, I wish everyone did but no one does, I've cut plenty of times because of the **** she says to me, I've been called things other people would think I'm lying about that she told me, I have no one but my grandmother & she's already ready to go now.. When she leaves I know that I will just be so so much more depressed than I'm already am, the only thing we should do is pray, god is always the answer and he's always going to be here for us, god never let's us down, I always pray for my drug dealer dad and my pothead mother & I wish that one day they will change for good, praying is always the answer & god

I know man. Same here too. My parents treat my sister like a princess, she always gets what she wants. Yes she's younger but when I was that age I got treated like ****. I never got toys, or candy or anything that a kid wanted, but now I'm 14 and things are different now. My folks torment me in a different way. I have won countless awards, not one of my parents have turned up to watch me, grades are way above the average. But to them that's not good enough, nothing is good enough for them. I try be the perfect son but I can't and even me trying is not worthy for their sympathy. I once got a letter from the head in the department of education, stating I am one of the top students in my state. They read it and ripped it to pieces right in front of me... I've also tried to kill myself countless times. One time I cut my wrists and nearly bled to death, but woke up in a hospital bed with blood being pumped into me. Sooner or later I had to go to a psych and a counsellor. Now things have gotten worse, my parents look at me like I'm a freak, they tell me I should die or they should kill me. But the thing is, there are millions of kids suffering the same things we have. These are the things that unite us.

i know what you mean. I'm already 13 but since i was born, My parents decided that i should be their slave. Why? Because i'm the youngest of 2 brothers. They know i have this Theylasymia (Disease) That makes my much weaker and get tired faster than my brothers. But they still give me double the beating my brothers have. They rarely punish my brothers. even on big mistakes they make. They make me do all the work and let my brother play on the ''Play Station 3'' And ''Xbox'' while i do everything. they keep making fun of me and bring up funny names on me because of my disease and me being so skinny. I didn't really try to suicide because i know it's not gonna make me any happier. They never allow me to stay up late like my brothers. They always yell at me. they never move and ask me to bring stuff for them. And They get my brothers everything they want, while for me the only thing i got is a P.C. that i waited 2 years begging my father to buy because it's specs are too high. they punish me when all my grades are A (98.7/100) And they feel happy with whatever grades my brothers get. Now i'm saving up so when i'm old enough, i'll be able to live away from them, and from their stupid behavior.

I understand, when I was 8 I was grounded for a whole entire year from EVERYTHING. I'm 18 and I was pretty much grounded for at least 7 years of my life put together. They make me do everything for them, and my mom has a disability so when after she grounds me she tells me to do stuff for her. I've been locked out of the house 3 times because I went outside to clear my head after an argument. They tell me they are training me to be a servant and they always demand. I tried to kill myself a few times and that didn't work out for me. My therapist says I have mild depression (can't figure out why) and my mother uses me as an emotional punching bag. But if there is one thing I know it's that only I can be better than them, stronger than them, and braver than them. I have learned that making best of situations even when you don't think you can makes you stronger for it. We are all in this together.

I've been there, I'm still there and I'm 20! You may think "Damn, you're grown! Why don't you move out?" We'll apparently in my parents house I'm not grown. My dad still yells at me, if I do ONE thing wrong, my parents go ballistic and they tell me to be responsible. Everything good I do goes unnoticed. But it happens to everybody, you may think it doesn't but it does. I didn't even think it happened to anybody but me until I went to Seattle and met a girl who goes through the same thing!!! It didn't make me feel better to know I wasn't the only one anymore but it made me realized that some people actually do go through the same thing. I don't know how the age matters in your home, but don't think once you turn 18 that everything will be perfect. I thought the same thing but things really stay the same. Age doesn't matter. But I hope we both will find a way to get away from the problems we face.

ive been through. dis...n death is not d answer...y kill urself..for their sick behaviour

I feel you, I'm 16 my dad treats me like ****.Im the only girl with three brothers I cant go out late and I can't do certain things because I'm a "girl". I fucken hate it I can't wait until I'm 18!Im doing very good at school they don't even pay attention to me at all but whatever.Like a couple days ago my dad gave my 9th grade brother 120$ why ? I don't know he has like 5 F's and he's failing badly I only have one D that's my only bad grade and I still get treated like this.When I don't do one thing he says he's gunna disconnect my phone.Anyways I think you should talk to another family member you trust and explain the situation and if you can stay with them for awhile.

i know how you feel , my father doesnt appriciate how much of a good kid i am , most teenagers are out doing drugs having sex and getting rat assed but me? sitting at home and listening to music or sleeping ..what do i get in return? i get called names and i get verbally abused , me and my dads relationship has gone down the ******* , cant go one day without an argument , im 16 and ive already tried to kill myself a couple of times too , even when my dads having ago at me for nothing my mum never sticks up for me , she just sits there quielty or she says" this is going to turn into an argument in a minute" rather than doing anything to stop it , he even has ago at me for something and when im learning to clean it up he says that he'll do it and to get out of his sight....yet he doesnt say this to anyone else when they spill sister gets treated like gold ..killing yourself isnt the answer because you shouldnt have to end your life for your ******* parents.
sometimes i wish my parents would see how much they hurt me . but they will never pull their heads out their arses. plus my mums a "mememememe" person and my dad only thinks about her and all he cares about his stupid computer. your not alone in this one ...stay strong <3

Please excuse my French, but, seriously, **** moms who let their men **** up their kids! Useless cows (not you guys, I'm actually talking about moms who choose men over their own kids)! Anyway, I feel your pain and I'm in the same boat. Anyway, have you told someone you really trust?

Dont kill yourself thats not the answer. I know personally, all I can do is wait til college til I can make my own life and not make my parents mistakes. Youll get there one day. Keep your head up.

I'm 14 and my mom yells at me non<x>stop she tell's me that when I'm 15 if I Don't have a job by then she's ganna kick me out of the house. And my dad yells at me saying that I do drugs wich I DON'T he does he smoke's weed and does cocaine in front of me he tell's me that I'm stupid and worthless and I love soccer and I really wanna be a soccer pla<x>yer I work hard every day on it and he tell's me that I'm not going to be a soccer pla<x>yer that ima live on the streets and die. All I got is my girlfriend she helps me alot but it still hurts me how my perents treat me:'(.I have a 21 year old brother living with us and he never gets yelled at or anything him and my mom treat me like a slave:'(.

dude im freakin 14 n i ran way from home cuase my dad made me bleed from the whole face n i still dont c thm n its already been a year man. u can make ur mom make u go outside like play inside n shell tell to play outside n just run out before she relizes wat she did.

I know how you feel i get beat just for sitting on the floor i am 19 and they wont let me work but keep me locked up in the house feeling hungry and treat me like a slave