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I've Had Enough Of Them!

Ive never really had the best 'family' experience. with a mother that is lazy, doesn't like cleaning and only likes smoking and annoying people and laughing at people getting angry at her makes me really annoyed and hot tempered most of time. I am at university, and even my room is the cleanest out of the whole house. I like to keep my things tidy... and she is the complete opposite. Its the little things that make me hate her now..the way she is so selfish, i tell her to don't smoke in the car when i'm inside but she doesn't listen and doesn't care if that raises the risk of cancer or not for the people inside that car. Then she likes to walk about with her cigarette around the house, making all my clothes that are out to dry to also smell terrible....i'm always so embarrassed and annoyed!!! When i'm trying to study she'll knock on the door constantly.....I just can't like with such a selfish, disgusting woman!!!! I hardly talk to her...and can never talk to her about secrets etc because she will 100% tell my dad. With her in the same house as me...I just want to move out so badly, but unfortunately I don't have the financial power as of yet.

Then onto my dad, hes very very hot tempered and loud...making even asking him for a favour to be very difficult. he thinks whatever he says is correct and when arguing would repeat the same thing over and over again. And all he could argue is with his hot tempered voice with lots and lots of swearing. i swear with this type of attitude to life, he's going to get very bad health as he gets older. Then , he doesn't understand how dirty this house actually is. I used to can clean the house all the time when I was on a gap year to work but now back to education I'm only home at night. He complains due to him being the one that has to wash the dishes cause my mum refuses too.......and just because she cooks the dinner and does nothing else, hes now calling me selfish for not washing the dishes. My reason for not washing is due to the very unhygienic condition of that absolutely disgusts me on how they eat and just leave meat out on the tabletop...leave dirty stuff everywhere....when finished with something that should be put back..they leave it out...when there are leftovers they leave it out till it rots... when there are crumbs on the tabletop, probably a few days old..that just really gets to me, how can grown ups be so careless and lazy? This is their own house that they are paying can they feel comfortable??? So, I don't even have dinner with them anymore and my dad calls me SELFISH? where did that word come from to describe me? All he can do is complain about me. Then continually say how being in university isn't so important....... well it is too me, because if I don't get a good education then to get a good can I leave this horrible house? How can I just leave and never have to look back? He questions in a very angry manner, ''where did she learn this attitude from?!!"....... they should know, i'm their daughter....i've probably gotten the bad temper from my dad....but definitely, I do not want to be like them. They are not my role models in life.....a 100% no. I hardly talk to them now, and this is good enough to keep me going till I graduate and hopefully be able to afford my own place. My family can only say the negatives about me.....and try to control what i am, but my education is higher than them....and i'm determined to break this terrible parenting chain of mines.

phew.....i must keep working hard and not be brought down!
luckygirl93 luckygirl93 18-21 1 Response Feb 9, 2012

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well.........!!!! i understand your problem....your parents are not good of doing all is too much bad...parents their children....give more and more their children .& i wonder that how you are affording all this......leave your parents if they dont loves can create your own life...where there is no one who commands on you. only thinking....could not give you anything..go....step ahead.....and make your own life......ok let me tell you something about my life...i'm girl of 15........i want to leave my home cuzz....I dont want to stay there any more.I have soo many problems in my life. The Big problem iz related to my parents..... i dont like them...cuzz they dont alow me to go out with friends..even.....the nearest place to our house......... nor even whole day is passed in my room.....i dont have freedom at all ....whenever me and my friends make plan .....of going somewhere.......i never get permitted by my parents.......they dont like that...i go out with friends.......they want me to stay at home.........can any one ...pass their whole life in home.Just i go 2 collage .at morning ,then nowhere.Even on weekend i cant go out view of all these can i satisfie with my life....i am facing all this for many years . but i think that now is the time to take some action.........i hv planned that i'll leave my house...& I'll create my own life....where there is no one...who commands on me....& i think it is is surely possible......but some times i think....that it will be more better if i have a girl partner with me who also wants to leave her house... cuzz.....a girl feel safe if some one is with other words.....if a girl want safety.......she needs a company .......we can start afresh.....enjoy our life......make every day .....memorable..................& I'm not only leaving my house....but my country whats your decision.........?????.agree......?????? if yes ....dont forget to tell me.<br />
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