I Wanna Run Away... :( I Hate My Parnts!

I dont feel like my parents love me! They don't let me do anything i want! if one of my sisters want to do something sure y not! but when it comes to me the answer is always no! They always tell me get in the car or you know what would happen and i dont F*** know what would happen! When they're mad at me they just hit me In public or in private they don't give a S**** on how i look! I was hanging out with my friends and my sisters were there and my dad 2.. my sisters got bored so they wanted to leave so my dad said okay and told me let's go i said tht i didnt wanna leave and tht i was gunna come home with the bus or my friend's mom would drive me but he said no i told him tht i didnt wanna go home at tht time he told me tht if i didnt get in the car and leave with them right away then i wouldn't bother going back home! after he told me that i legit felt like i wanted to disappear! I  was gunna tell him tht if he didnt want me to come home then i wouldnt bother but i kept it in.. he made me cry in front of my friends and in front of my crush! he got me so embarrassed! if he doesnt want me at home i think it would be better if i just run away from it! it would be better on the streets than here where i wish i could die every second :( :'( :@
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2 Responses Mar 25, 2012

Wow its okay they just want to protect you! Yesturday i was invited to go to a party and i told my mom yes mom theres girls there to! I thought girls would be there. When i got there were all boys no girls my mom screamed at me in front of all the boy even my crush and i left 3 min later. I got in so much trouble when i got home! ( i still dont know why my parents were mad )

erm yeah... prepare for another 10 years of that :-D that's life.