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I am sure most of you must have subscribed coz you have a story to share with the others. I am no different. I always thought that one day my parents will realize how much i love them and care for them but i was so wrong. I am a 21 year old girl working in a hospital based research center. I have 3 siblings(2 sisters and one brother) all elder to me.My eldest sister got married so that leaves me,my sister and my brother who is 8 years elder to me and 7 to my sister. My brother has plans to go to U.S.A again(he has been there before but came back coz he was home sick n some crap like that). But before leaving to U.S.A again he wants me n my sister to get married. Now the question is if he is leaving then y should we(me n my sister) get married. My parents agree to whatever he says( Nothing new for us have seen this right from my childhood) and they think that we should get married before he leaves.Just because we have said no everyone at my place stopped talking to us.The only thing that we get to hear every weekend is some ones going to come and see you so get ready by so and so time.
Just to please my parents i never got into a relationship with any guy, i hardly have any friends, i don't have any social life. To please them i studied in a co-op college which was like a jail,n got a state rank in my 12th standard. I was not my dad and moms favorite daughter coz unlike my other siblings i was not in a good shape.So to please them i did all sort of nonsense stuff(crash diet to,puking after meals,taking laxatives...) and boom i lost 15 kgs in a month n my health too.I gave my entire life to them and if that was less i dedicated myself completely to my studies to please my dad. Now that i want to do my masters i see no support coming from them.
I have 3 dogs at my place and they are the only friends that i have.They mean a lot to me and my parents know that this is what is my weak point. Do you think its fair on parents part to use their own daughters weak point against her to make her do what they want?? Even if i get married to some random guy whom my parents are gona select do you guys really think their behavior towards me is gona change? Do you think i should just pack my bags and go away to some place along with my dogs?
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I did everything i could to please them but they were 2 occupied to notice any of my efforts. The only reason i am still alive is because i have those 3 dogs in my life and they give me a reason to live. I am just a burden for my parents which they want to get rid of.I think its high time i start living for myself.

I think that you should obey to your parents, leave your dogs and get married where your parents wants, Please don't agree with my words but I am saying good for you