Hate My Parents

well... i hate them.... my mom doesn't treat me like if i were her daughter ,she never likes when i hugged her ,or when i show her my appreciation, and i actually call her bye her name and every time she can talk **** about me with strangers she does ,i'm like.! a good student, i dont have a bf ,well.. and my dad
he's always out of home because of the ''work'' but recently we discovered him a lover (i hate that,i would never forgive a cheat on me) and my ''mom'' its ok with it! she says she dont mind his life ,then i wonder why do they keep together?! if they dont love each other.
the persons that i love in this family is my grandma ( i call her mom )and my sisters,im 16 years old i would love! to get out of this house and live alone in a apartment. my family are mad at me just because i told the truth to my aunt -.- they say that the life will treat me bad and stuff, but i just want to be with other people,we dont have money and, my dad works all day every day and he never have money ,that's kinda suspicious dont you think? my ''mom'' is the one who sustain us. Sometimes there's not food at the refrigerator,and she has to buy for the moment but imsuper cool with it, what is ******* me off is that he's never at home and when he is he dont have money to supplies -.- my grandma,she's the best thing in my life,shes my real mom because she raised us,she taught me about morality and all.... i love her and i feel she's my mom&dad i can hug her,tell her that i love her (: she makes my days special,(she live with us) but....she's too old right now ,and ....well... the moment is getting closer and i dont know what to do when she leaves .... i will feel alone,completely alone ...i dont want to live with my parents but i need to study so i can search for a good job and leave, i will sustain them, but i wont live with them ,or call them every day naaaa i wont ...my ''mom'' doesnt treat me as a daughter and my dad well... we dont care them enough... but i'm grateful because at least they pay me my school and food
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i would..! but... i dont think we live in the same country...

well.........!!!! i understand your problem....your mother is not good of doing all these..it is too much bad...a mother should not have such stupid behaviour towards their children...& i wonder that how you are affording all this......leave your mother if she dont loves you.....you can create your own life...where there is no one who commands on you....ok let me tell you something about my life...i'm girl of 15........i want to leave my home cuzz....I dont want to stay there any more.I have soo many problems in my life. The Big problem iz related to my parents..... i dont like them...cuzz they dont alow me to go out with friends..even.....the nearest place to our house......... nor even alone.....my whole day is passed in my room.....i dont have freedom at all ....whenever me and my friends make plan .....of going somewhere.......i never get permitted by my parents.......they dont like that...i go out with friends.......they want me to stay at home.........can any one ...pass their whole life in home.Just i go 2 collage .at morning ,then nowhere.Even on weekend i cant go out ...so..in view of all these ..how can i satisfie with my life....i am facing all this for many years . but i think that now is the time to take some action.........i hv planned that i'll leave my house...& I'll create my own life....where there is no one...who commands on me....& i think it is possible...it is surely possible......but some times i think....that it will be more better ...if i have a girl partner with me...so tell me....do you want to go with me...we can start afresh....now the decision is up to you........tell me if yes...