My Mother Is A F**king B***h!!!!!

My mom is alway annoying me!!! Everytime I put my hair down she would force me to put my hair in 2 french braid!!!!!! She would promise me but the next thing you know she didnt remember and forget it!!! Whenever half of my room is clean( I share bedroom with my younger sis so we split in half) and the other half isnt!!! I would get after it for no reason!!!!! >:( SHE DOESNT UNDERSTAND FASHION IN THIS NEW CENTURY!!!! i am 15 yrs old for crying out loud!!! Living my house with my mom is like living in H*LL!!!!!!! My Dad is ok and a really good father but my mom is alway ******* me off!!!!!!!! I HATE HER!!!!!! THAT WHY I PRETENDED TO BE A GOOD CHILD ALL THESE YEARS AND I CANT STAND LIKE THIS!!!!! I AM GRATEFUL FOR CUTTING MY HAIR INTO BANG RIGHT BEHIND MY MOM BACK!!!!! EVEN THOUGH MY OLDER SISTER GOT MAD AT ME AND MY YOUNGER SIS LOVE MY NEW HAIRCUT!!!!!
Rosethornlife152 Rosethornlife152
13-15, F
May 11, 2012