My Reason For Hating My Parents..

My name is Aaron. And this is my story. My father he was qlways drunk and never wanted to play with my brother and I. He was always wacthing his dammed NASCAR. He blamed me for everything that was wrong in his life. My brother got away scotch free when I got a big whooping. He left numorious times but finally when i was 14 he was gone for good. Now my mother. She wasn't really a parent either.. shed sleep eat and go to work. That's it. No help in school nothing. For a short period of time I was homeless because of her So the summer of 2008 she decides to just up and abandond me. Was forced to grow up pretty quickly. My mother has been liying to me my entire life. She said that I was the reason she left me(guess what lie) and then told me that she hasn't provided the childhood that she wanted us to have.. my mother and father have no love coming from me a guy who has a problem with being alone. So here's a big **** YOU mom and dad. Iv tried numorious times to replace my father with someone else like some of the men at church. And every time i get close they end up leaving the church or moving. I'm so frustrated with this. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
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I don't know why your mum left but I am a single mother and it is very difficult working and then coming home and working (homework,dinner,cleaning,ect) When you get sick there is only you. So maybe your mother just had a break down. Your father on the other hand needs a good slap!

I do know why she left she evedently didn't give us the life she wanted us to have and she ran.