Cant Take It Any Longer !

I have tried to be the perfect little girl the wanted but I guess that wasn't enough. They hate me there is no dout in my mind that they don't. They always say I ruin the day or ruin something it's like I do nothing right. I can't take anymore of their bs in anymore though. They put my on medication for angry. But yet I don't do anything and I get hit for it. They say that their is something wrong with me because I tried to defend myself one time. And took me to people after people and told them their story but not the truth. They put me on med. and kept putting blame on me for everything. I was blamed on for marriage. When I had no part of it. I'm like the person they go too if they feel the need to hit, yell and blame on. They hate me. My mom and grandma. My dad is never therefor me but when he is I actually feel wanted. I feel that I'm on my own and truth be spoken I am and it seems that I always will be.
Sad14 Sad14
13-15, F
May 13, 2012