Is My Family Situation Unfair To Me? Or Am I Just A Selfish Jerk?

I live in a very small town in the middle of nowhere. My house is located on top of a mountain a mile deep into the woods. Im currently seventeen and have lived there since I was seven. For my entire life, my mom has been my center, the one person I could depend on and get support from. That has just changed recently. For the past five years, family from China has been coming over and living in my house. Remember, I live in the middle of the woods in a very small town that is at least a fifteen minute drive from any of my friends, and I don't have my license (I'll explain the license later). Back in eighth grade, I was going to a small church school that offered a two week Christmas break. Even though I told her she didn't have to, my mom took the two weeks off to spend time with me. Unfortunately, two of my family members (we'll call them Jenny and Noelle, I don't know their actual names) showed up from China. These two were obsessed with Tommy Hilfiger, Coach purses, and other name brands like those. So for two weeks, I slept on the floor and stayed home all day while my mom played chauffeur for them. They were incredibly ignorant of the fact that not only was my mom supposed to be spending time with me but that I was also sacrificing my break for them. They also treated me like I had the brain of a newborn baby who needed to be spoon fed his food. About a year later in my freshman year, a friend my mom hadn't seen for years showed up and my mom had to play tour guide. At least he wasn't like Jenny and Noelle; I could stand him. Then next year, my Grandma had remarried for company and her husband is a very wealthy man, not sure what he actually does though. Two members of his family, Da Sao (not her name) and her son Bai show up to my house. Da Sao was here for two weeks and would go on a tour trip around the US. Bai was and still is here to study English at the University of Bridgeport. This is during my sophomore year. Bai demonstrated a certain trait of some rich kids: he has no appreciation for money. My family owned a Honda CRV that was as old i am and had just bought a used 2011 Ford Escape. My mom and stepfather agreed that once I got my driver's license the CRV would be mine while my mom would take the Escape and my stepfather would continue to use his pickup truck. Bai, itching for mobility, asked to borrow the CRV for a license test (he's about 22). Three weeks later, after drinking a few beers with friends, took a turn too sharp, crashed the CRV into a church, bounced off, and hit three other cars. For the next few months, my mom had to run around for Bai for several court cases he had to attend for the accident. Luckily, no major charges occured and insurance didn't go up. But his idiocy would continue even to now when his dad paid for a car for him and his trashy friends slashed his tire. So he's another instance of a family member driving me nuts. Then in November my mom's sister's son, "Michael" gets stuck with us until he graduates college. Michael is only in 7th grade. I hate the kid. During the first week he was here, he insulted and condescended me and had it not been for my mom and the fact that he was in the front car seat, I would've knocked him out. Just recently, I was cleaning the house and everyone was outside eating. I had just mopped the floor and when Michael and his mom started to come in, I told them not to. They still did and I got frustrated because the floor was still wet. I get a little upset but my little **** of a cousin starts challenging me again. He started acting like he, a piece of **** fourteen year old who doesn't even know up from down, could boss me around. Even when it was clear that I was going to hit him, he still challenged. Again, only because of my mom and his mom did I stop. He's also an idiot who doesn't know how to do anything because he didn't even know how to open the blinds. Honestly, I'm really upset and mad with my mom and her family because I know it's always going to be my fault whenever my family members talk about me back in China. Every thing I do is under micro examination and the tiniest mistake, whether mine or not mine, gets me labeled as a cold hearted bastard. Honestly, them flipping out on me is making me hate the kid more! I'm seventeen years old in my most difficult and important year in high school and my family expects me to accept someone I barely even know who's challenged me to a fight twice? I really don't know, what do you all think?
Theriver244 Theriver244
18-21, M
May 15, 2012