Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh How Can I?

Sometime, ok, everyday, i feel like i'm ready to throw me to the precipice and see what happens. I know that my parents whants me to be a dauther that i never go to be, i won't be like my parents. I'm 16 years old and when there is a party in my town i have to returne home at 2 o'clock, what the hell!!!!!!!!!!! really? When you were 16, what time did you arrive home? I have an old brohter, and i know that when my brother have 16 years he is going to be very rebel, my parents let him do everything he wants. I'm sure, the lie at me, and they want to know everything about me life. I don't drink, smoke i don't take drugs or something like this, like marihuana or some thing else. I don't know what to do? I have a boyfriend who is 19 years old, he has his house, can i go to live with him? and forget my parents for the rest of my live? i don't wanna to miss him. I go to a boarding and i go to sleep home only the weekend. What i have to do???????
starshines96 starshines96
May 17, 2012