Phuck Them!

The hate that I have for my parents is endless. Since I was a child, they always expected me to be "obedient". I was an active child that was short they beat that out of me, when I was "acting up" I would get abused and thrown in the cold room, mind you i was less than the age of 7 when this all happened. I turned into an angry person from that. They act like irrational children in most situations.
Years later I'm 19, just got into a car accident a year ago which I havent recovered from at all. I'm in excruciating pain everyday, I've gone without painkillers.
Now is the time in my life where I really need them, I was able to put the stuff that happened when I was younger behind me but now they are completely cold and inconsiderate. It hurts to realize that this is real. They are so condescending thinking that they're the victim and blame everything on me, which if it was I would take responsibility over my actions. Ontop of that I've been food poisoned by my mother 5 times over the past 6 months. And she blames me that I ate the food. What am I supposed to think? I'm trying to keep a rational mind but it gets harder everyday. The hatred Is endless, no child should ever have to find out on their own that their parents really don't care.
3ndlessPain 3ndlessPain
1 Response May 18, 2012

I know it hurts but you really need to distance yourself from our parents. I really hope you're living on your own; if you're not, you need to! Your parents are pretty much toxic to you, and they bring you down. You'd be so much better off without them, and I know that's really harsh to say. At the very least, do NOT eat her food! It sounds like you love your mother and just want her approval, but I don't think she's going to change much. Once you accept this, maybe you can try to move on and I sure hope so. Also, being in that accident over all this must really suck. Try not to be so hard on yourself though!