This Is My Life.

Ok. So here it gooes. Im tired of these people. I live with my mom and sister. Dad lives in some other city because he works there. Im an indian btw. dad is so ******* weird. He doesnt let me do anything! He never lets me go out. He doesnt even let me enjoy my life. Its like i am locked in my room always. My mom.. she goes for some classes and there is this dude..shes getting close to him. Me and my sister just hhate him! Wtf is his problem?! And when ever there is a damn matter who is the one who is always blammed. Im the one who always gets hit. I just have to sit in my room ...cry listening to some sad songs.
Its so bloody unfair. My parents dont like my bestfriend. They dont understand anything tht going in my life! Im in 10th. so much pressure..they dont even care. Its like i rather runaway or commit suicide.
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1 Response May 20, 2012

I know I'm probably not going to give you great feedback because I haven't been through the same thing. But I understand that none of this is fair! I know what it's like to feel so depressed you want to kill yourself. When I was in the 9th grade I took between 1-2 dozen pills and my parents didn't notice and t heystill don't even know that. I know everyone says this, but it's NOT worth it! Trust me, I've experienced the same feelings. As for your predicament, I honestly don't know what to say. It really isn't fair! The only thing I can say is to write your feelings down everyday because it really does help, and when you turn 18, no matter what, try to get a job and move out as fast as you can!! I know that's really ****** advice but I don't know you so I can't really say much else. Also, venting to your friend would help a lot but it's not fair and I'm sorry for that - nobody should be treated like that as a kid. Remember, it's not your fault but try to be happy and once your older everything can slowly get better and you won't have to associate with your family if you don't want to.