They Mentaly And Emotionaly Have Broken Me Down Since I Was A Child

I swear my mom is sick in the head, she goes crazy over the smallest things and tries to make every day of my life worse than the last. She has alwys told me since i was little that im a piece of #### and that i would never amount to anything in my life. she is always comparing me to my dad and says im going to be a selfish wimp when im older just like him. (My parents are divorced) . And my stepdad is always gettingi in my face and trs to fight me. I would hit him but i dnt want to cause i know my mom will snitch me out and ill get locked up. Shes already snitched me out twice to the cops nd now im lookin at almost 200 hours community service, fines, etc. And that day she told me she wishes i wouldnt have come home with her. Shed rather have me locked up cause im a bad son and i should quit messing up our family's life.. when all i ever do is try to make them happy regardless of how they treat me.. i hate my life...
skarr55 skarr55
May 20, 2012