I Feel Ashamed Of Myself !

had i been a small kid and said i hate my parents, u guys would have taken it in a easy way considering it as some parents being over-possesive issue or may be over-restrictive issue..

but this is a story of a 27 years old lawyer by profession narating my own story which aint that easy to take..i guess.!!

at this moment m emotionaly feeling disgusted and restless because my very own father been giving me pain both emotionlly as well as physicaly.
since my childhood,I always cherished  to be a highly qualified ,all independant and confident women.I wanted to be a lawyer who would spent all her life in enlightening vulnerable women who are cursed to be victims of male dominance both mentally and physically to fight against such suffering and make them feel that they also deserve to live life with all respect; are not born to bear pain of all kind..!

But today when in my own family,in my own home I have been given this suffering by my own father,I feel ashamed of calling myself a lawyer!...
they say ' Doing injustice to anyone is a worse sin"  but they also said " not protesting injustice happening to urself is the most worse sin'

But today i am bound to admit myself to the realities of life like a any-other vulnerable women...all m doing is crying and blaming my faith to be born in such a family..nothing else m doing !..


but my 71 years old father is not ashamed to raise his hands on his 26 years young daughter !..as and how my father is growing older,he is becoming too agressive in his behaviour...!...left with no other work,after retireement from work in 2009,all he does is critises each and everyone in the family,abuses them with dirty languages and when he is protested he assults me and my old mother...my mother is completely broekn from inside as she never realy got any love or support that all wife deserves from a husband...

to conclude with , i hate that i was born to my him- the most disguisting father in this world..!
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1 Response May 21, 2012

Since you are lawyer maybe you could use that to your advance maybe you could just sue him for all the pain he has caused you.