I'll Never Visit My Dad As An Adult

I'm the only one who knows my dad's a pervert no one else knows. I alwas try to avoid him but mom thinks I'm being an ***. So does my brother. I can't wait until I move out and only pray my dad burns in hell. I hate him and my mom for not realising this. THeir both idiots. And all my mom likes to do is put me down and yell at me for being depressed. She just shoves me into a therapists office and yells at me for being an *******. I hate my parents and I will never be like them to my children.
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1 Response May 23, 2012

I'm not sure how to respond to this, but if your father is molesting you your mother SHOULD do something about it! It's not fair that she's just adding to your troubles by putting you down and yelling at you. My little sister, 13, came out last year and said that her father (who lived in the same house as her since birth) was molesting her. He used me against her and said he'd hurt me if she ever told. He would do nasty things to and around her, hit her, burn her with cigarettes and constantly put her down. Me and my mother lived with him and this went on for a few years without us even realizing it! I think he also may have raped her but she hasn't come clean about it, probably because she still loves him. My mom kicked him out of the house the day after my sister told her! She also pressed charges against him and he's currently served 6 months of his 3 year jail sentence (the bastard got off lucky). She's been in therapy and both me, as her brother, and my mother have supported her (which is more than I can say for her father's family). Your mother and brother should be just as supportive! If you haven't told your mom, you need to!! Maybe she WILL do something about it. And if she doesn't, you need to tell another adult you can trust, someone has to do something. It'll be worth it. I'm sorry you're going through this, but there's no reason it has to go on and if he's threatening you, it's just because he doesn't want you to tell. You should tell. <br />
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P.S. I think your mother really loves you, but you're probably acting out and she doesn't know what to do. She probably doesn't realize what your father is doing, but sometimes it's hard to tell. Me and my mother never knew what was going on to my sister either, and I regret it because when I look back I can see the signs, although I never thought about it at the time. It's not always obvious. But once she told, we did something! My mom put him in prison and he's allowed No contact with her. You Need To Tell.