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My parents aren't in a good marriage. It's really annoying and it just seems cliche to be honest. My mum relies on me for emotional support and she says its not fair on me and guiltily I agree. I don't want this. I don't want to have to support my mum. That's what my dad is for. But my dad doesn't understand that. He was brought up so differently from my mum they just live in different worlds. He'll never understand without a real serious talking and maybe not even then. But no one is here to give him that talk. I just want to drown myself in something to stop myself from thinking about this. I don't want sympathy. I don't think I want sympathy anyway. I just want help~ someone to fix it all. But this is beyond fixing and I know that. I wish they would divorce to be honest. Perhaps that would be worse, I don't know. My mum has just gone and told me to be strong for a few days. I can't stand my dad. I just feel a little hurt that she would run away from everything.

I want to say sorry for being pathetic but I know an apology would be pointless.

rudolf624 rudolf624
18-21, M
Aug 18, 2012