They only love me because they have to. When I grow up, I wouldn't do to my kids what they're doing and trying to make me feel
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1 Response Sep 2, 2012

I'm 30 yrs old, and my parents are the same way. I feel similar pain as yours.

But the crooked part about parents like that, is if they love like that, then there really is no love at all. The only reason they feel they "Have to" is because they can't LEGALLY put you on the street as a minor, so they will "love" you until you are 18 or so, then kick you out with nothing and/or destroy your stuff, so they can say you are a loser, and can't do it on your own, which is WRONG. If you are an adult, they will "love" you also to support their reputation as a "good parent" with neighbors and friends.