... did a bang-up job on warping my mind as a child, through later years they kept me down 'under control' - a good boy, and then they tried the same **** as I grew up in my early twenties and older.

Now they have no part in my family's life as all they seem to know is how to hurt, subdue, blame, pass the buck and critisice. They're poisionous.

And I wish to God that they weren't anythinig like that at all.
But they are.
I cannot let them corrupt my children and ruin what I have.
- no. THAT is for me to do if I so wish.
Invisible75 Invisible75
36-40, M
1 Response Sep 4, 2012

Baby Boomer abusive parents have shat on Generations x, y, and now z for years. They can't let go the fact we are adults and they have no control over us anymore for their personal gains or reasons.

They control us and warp our minds and OVERFLOW us with "RULES", so they can keep us in the dark and incapable, all while they break every "RULE" themselves, get what they want, and then have stupid justifications for their hypocritical actions.