Most Annoying Dad Ever

Man where do I start. I'm 21 living with my parents and still attending college. To start off my dad like to nag. For example, he told me that I was a failure because I don't know how to do anything. I don't think of myself as a failure because I'm a good guy. I don't abuse drugs or hang out with the wrong people. I just go to school and I barely have friends or a social life because of it. But what I don't understand is if I do something wrong he compares me with others and how they're better than me. The guy wants me to learn how to play the piano and the guitar to form a band, go to school, learn how to fix everything (and I mean literally everything), know how to fix a car (which isn't my thing), become a doctor, be an engineer, always stay home and study, cook first class cuisine, be a computer engineer, and anything else that comes to his mind. The guy is a nutcase. There's not a single person in this world that can do all of this. And if I fail to do at least one of these things the guy goes and calls me a failure of a son. The guy is a dead beat. He stays home, doesn't have a job, doesn't have an education at all, and can't do anything except nag. He's like a broken record. For example, I'm deep into studying. He comes into my room and sees that I'm studying. He goes onto nag that I should study more or else I'll be as dumb as rocks. I tell him I am studying and I've been studying for hours. He continues by saying keep studying or you'll end up a retard and unsuccessful. Another example is if my brothers are playing games and he sees that he comes trotting into my room and tells me why I'm not supervising them. I tell him that I'm not in charge of what they do because they're all over 18 and if he wants them to do something he should use his father figure and tell them. Of course, he continues to nag and say that I'm responsible for everything that they do because I'm the oldest. If they don't listen to him in the future it'll be my fault. I seriously don't get this guy. Man, I can't wait to earn enough money and move out. I've been tormented with this kind of treatment for 21 years and it's probably the reason why my life is so depressing and empty.
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Rating this up, man. It's not the same for me, but I learnt even from grade 6 that my parents couldn't help me with ****. All my mum wants is to get a job with this degree, but it's not like she helps at all with any facet of it. If anything, she gets in the way of me completing it by having a password-protected computer. Mother, mother, I am 19.

On top of that, I can't drive, but she never offers to take me to uni or even dreads when she has to. She constantly calls me self-centred, but she just can't accept the fact that I don't treat her like I treat people I LIKE.

Your dad mostly sounds like my dad, SCARY!!!!!

He's a loser that puts things on others to take the view off of himself. Your dad needs to hear the truth, let him know he's a loser, and a deadbeat poor excuse for a father, but first prepare your move out because he sounds like the type to retaliate against you for not bowing down to him.

Tell him to get a book on parenting and "STUDY" that for hours. There's HUNDREDS of books on parenting, so if he gives you BS saying there is no book on parenting, then educate him on how uneducated he really is.