Wtf Parents? Trust And Freedom Plox

Kay so, I'm thirteen. I live with my mom and dad and half brother and sister. Im in 8th grade. Both my parents work, so when me and my bro ( who's an 11th grader) get home from school we do chores. Wr do laundry and clean the kitchen (dishes, wipe down counters, sweep, mop, etc) and vacuum and anything else they ask us. My mother is a neat freak- really. Whenever we clean she comes home from work and complains she's had a long day. I tell her to go rest. Instead, she cleans.... And does exactly what we already did. It's like a slap in the face. "You did a poor *** job and I'm gonna redo it", she's said stuff along the lines of that before. And the days we DO do a half *** job.... SHE DOES NOTHING.

So we have Internet and all that. I play online with people ( like minecraft) . My father doesn't let me chat at all- if I do he threatens to take away the Internet. It's not like I'm having cyber sex or telling people my adress and name ( full name). Sure, when I was little I was too chatty online and things, but hey, I'm older. I've matured.

I've been role playing for the last year about on minecraft. They caught me once and got pissed. They think I'm role playing things like... "Ashley walks in in her fireman outfit and outs out the fire" and that's "not appropriate to do online".

I'm more mature than you think, I assure you! I don't whine and ***** about little things. I role-play medieval times. I'm really mature, not to say I have a big ego, but it's true. I'm probably more mature than most 13 yr olds out there.

Maybe I wouldn't disobey you if you.... I don't know, gave me a life? I have been to ONE BIRTHDAY PARTY out of the millions I've been invited to. One friend has came over. I've never been to anyone else's house. Can't play sports. I understand the not being able to afford it, but when we can... I could have a friend take me who plays too!

Their logic is they have to meet the parents. How do you meet the parents if you don't even attempt to? Exactly. They don't even want to.

When I'm older, I will role-play all I want. Talk on forums all I want. And my kids... WILL HAVE FREEDOM. I will trust them more than you've ever trusted me.

End of rant. I really needed this, thank you!
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my dumb *** parents are the same way i hate them they are so ******* annoying ots like i wanna punch them in the face but i cant cuz their my parents. i feel ou girl