Frickishly Annoying Mother

My parents won't ever be like any other ones, all of my friends in school can go on Skype and play with their laptops whenever they want. My birthday is next week to turn 13, and I AM OFFICIALLY A TEEN I want to be treated like everybody else in my school. Last time, when I went on Skype, my mother got so pissed off and punished me (you don't want to know how), I wish I was never born into THIS family.
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xD i made a ****** long response to this and i tried to post but it didnt work, i tried to keep it short but its long again... u dont have to be like the other kids at your school... just be calm and ask her why not if it doesnt get in the way of your school work... and if by u dont want to know u mean abuse i get where your coming from... im abused physically and verbally... im severly depressed... ive contemplated suicide and tried it once with sleeping pills... which didnt work cause i ended up waking up throwing them up at 3 in the morning... im actually glad that it failed... ive met kids who tried to commit suicide and they told people and got alot of attention but no help... i didnt tell anyone about the attempt but im glad that it didnt work because though the abuse continues ik its only till 18... my friends were the ones who have had and still have my backs though... wen i need them they're there for me... i had multiple bruises at school one day after my mom had beaten me that morning and they asked about it and as i tried to tell them wat happened the pain was so much i just started crying... i felt so alone but they were there for me... if u meant sexual abuse or neglect u have to tell child services or something because that stuff is scarring... like even more than the other 2... ik ppl who have gone through them... and told ppl like child services but they were still teribly scarred... my friend who is now 21 cant even have sex after her dad sexually abused her as a teen... my friend who actually moved to the area wen he moved in with his foster parents (god bless them for helping him out of his situation). he cant say no to anything after he was neglected by his parents for so long... he says if he has to it makes him feel horrible... so dont let them continue if thats the case... but whatever your situation may be... abuse or not... i hope it gets better

Try not to want what everybody has. Nowadays teenagers have too much freedom and too much distractions. My baby brother was so spoiled. He had the best clothes, expensive shoes, lots of toys that he doesn't get to play with all of them. He's always going out with his friends. Eventually my brother was allowed to stay out for days and he was only 14 years old. One day my parents got a call from the high school counselor that my brother was in an accident 4 days ago and he was in a coma. Please don't hate your parents for trying to protect you. good luck.

That sounds like alot of kids at my school. My sister's friend's parents are constantly sick and her friend's older brother takes care of her parents so she stays with her best friend... she's in college now but her best friend's house is one of her legally established places of residence... i see how thats ok in that scenario... but i do agree... im 13... that thats kinda spoiled of him... i rly couldnt care less about fancy **** cause i wont even matter soon enough