I'm 16 and I hate my parents. God does that sound cliched, but I really do. On the best days I'm indifferent (so long as it wouldn't effect me) on weather my mother lives or dies. On the best days I tolerate my father.
They never wanted me. The didn't then and they don't now. The only reason I'm not in foster care is because I have too much dirt on them and they don't want to fill out paperwork.
When my brother (they don't want him either) and I were younger they did get rid of us in a way. They dumped us off at some ****** half-way home that was really a crack house. We were mostly there during the day but sometimes we stayed for nights too. It started out ok, then they started slipped away slowly into sever neglect and physical beatings. I guess little kids getting hysterical when they're told they have to go to that "babysitter's" house again and coming home all cut up and bruised is normal. Along with rapid weight loss and a four year old girl that sleeps all day when she can and won't talk.
I know they knew because they tried to make it up to us by buying us lots of toys, but they always sent us back. We were there from the time I was high chair age to when I was 5 and we moved. My dad still continued to hit us upside the head hard enough to knock us down, or swing the belt in blind anger at us letting it hit us anywhere it happened to land.
What I really hate them for is my bedroom door. I have to look at that F***ing thing everyday. When I was about 7 years old they put one of those flip up and slid locks in the outside of my door. This was so they could put me in time out when I was bad, annoying, or they just plain didn't want to deal with me. They would lock me in here all day sometimes. Because of the crack house things like this terrified me. The lock is gone now because I got old enough to know that wasn't normal and it was illegal. I can still see on my door where it used to be. But worse, on my side of the door I can see the claw marks that made my little fingers so crooked and bloody. I can see the chips and dents where I had rammed and thrown myself into it until I collapsed and couldn't move anymore.
I hate my parents for what they've done to me. My mom did most of the horrible things, but my dad let her. To this day he doesn't do anything when she tells me I'm a worthless *****.
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You should call social services they might take you out of the there a relative or friend you could stay with??

highlandfan is right sweetie go to the police they listen to children now in my days they didn't. also under circumstances you may get the court to declare you an adult.

sweetheart your not worthless. just stick in there 2yrs you can get out and never have to see them again if you don't want to. hold your head up things will get better.