Why I Hate My Family

It all Started when I was 10. I used to be getting A's. By that time, my parents had given me everything. Wheather it be toys or books or candy. Then, When I got into the 5th grade, that's when the nightmare started. I Started getting some B's in that grade, and I guess My parents thought I could do better. That was the problem. When most of my grades became B's, That report card set them off. They flipped, started swearing and nearly breaking me with their words. When I ran upstairs and started crying, they came up and apoligized. I guess I was to gulible because when the next report card came in, the same thing happend. they yelled their heads off. and that happend and is still happening today. I'm in 9th grade and I'm getting mostly A's. But everytime I get a bad grade they get all pissed. I guess they want everything they didn't have. but they don't understad that I dont want what they didnt have. It's my life, and I deside what I can do. Plus, they treat me like crap. I dont know why. they just do. but my brother is treated like a prince. I WANT OUT!
AnimeFanGirlForever AnimeFanGirlForever
13-15, F
Dec 8, 2012