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My parents are stupid in their way of thinking.

They never approved of me having my boyfriend who was from another race. When I got pregnant that was that. They refused to accept me. First, because I was not married. Secondly, because I left University during my last year when I had have my baby.

I do have a wonderful brother who is very close to me.

I have not had much contact with them other than a few calls during the year.

My boy friend decided he had enough of me and left a year after our son was born.

So, that is that.
MaryMary01 MaryMary01
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@fuckyoubitchm, who are you to judge, you ignorant, lifeless loser? I could call you "ugly"! This poor girl is actually crying for help...AND YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO INSULT HER AND EVEN TELL HER TO KILL HERSELF?!? What a cruel, selfish, sadistic, ignorant little bastard you really are! You should be ashamed of yourself, you misogynistic jerk! You hate women! It's not good to tell someone to kill him/herself simply because that person is suffering from something terrible. You should grow up, get a life, get a job and start dating someone! I hate you...and I also hate people like you! You don't even know this poor girl!

@MaryMary01: Don't listen to that moron. I bet his mom probably abused him when he was a kid or that he came from an ignorant family who didn't care enough to teach him respect growing up. I feel bad for you. Please don't kill yourself because suicide is a permanent "solution" to most temporary problems; there's always another way. My heart goes out to you and you deserved so much better than what your so-called parents and even that loser of a boyfriend did to you. Have you considered seeking help? God bless.

LET ME GUESS........ he was black ..........

Don't mind this guy he just failed in life.

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No, you're the one who is stupid because only stupid people stick up for child abusers and mean-spirited parents who are supposed to love and protect their kids from harm. I HATE YOU SO MUCH!

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I am sorry to hear your story. Your parents are mean and undeserving of your love . Consider your self an orphan and stop having anything to do with them. You must put your past behind you so you can move ahead. Please remember to be kind to your son. He is not the father who deserted you. Be the parent and love and cherish your child the way you would have wanted to be treated. Be the best you can be for your own sake. Also remember you have a father in heaven who is greater then any parent here on earth. God bless, take care, I wish you the best of luck.