Dear Ol Mom & Dad

Thank you for bringing me into this ****** world. Thank you for leaving me hanging every chance you got. And thank you for dumping all your problems on me!
I found out my dad is having another baby. How many more doe he want? I feel bad for the kid. He won't stick around. At least he didn't for the three kids he had before. My dad has issues. A lot of mental illnesses run in his family. So thanks, I suffer from chronic depression and severe anxiety. No help to getting better from you!
Now on to mom. What a *****. Remeber those two years when you left me to take care of Austin? Yeah, you thought that was okay. Day & night, I took your role as mom. You knew about my problems, knew I was considering suicide and what did you do? NOTHING. YOU DID NOTHING!!!!! I. *******. Hate. My. Parents!
Westerlies Westerlies
18-21, F
Dec 9, 2012