I Am Broke And My Parents Don't Understand Me!

Last 4 years ago, I had been get out of two bad relationships and they left me with a huge debts. 90% of all my salary goes to these debts. I didn't even save enough money for my rent, so I asked them if I could stay with them a couple of months until I have enough money to move out, but they refused my request. So my friend helped me a space for live with very low monthly rent. If my friend wouldn't help me out, I would be homeless and sleep in my car. By the way, I'm a girl. Since then, I knew that I am not belong to them but I don't want to cut relationship with my parents. So I visit there during weekdays before I go to work. She don't care I am broke and can't support her, but she always complaint I am not good as my oldest sister because she gave money to her so my mom said if I'm not give money and support her, I will be burn in hell and I must live in hell. She said to me almost everyday. Even though I drove to her clinic, inviting lunch, make a birthday party for her, but she never thanks to me. They never support me since I was very young and people say youngest one have a lot of love from their parents, but never truth to me and no one believe in me.
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1 Response Dec 9, 2012

Wow... Sounds like a very difficult time for you. I know it might sound harsh but you are between 36 and 40 years old so you have to take responsibility for yourself. Maybe your parents have not approved of your decisions in the past with your relationships and told you about it. Since the relationships both failed they are not helping you because you were warned. Maybe they do not have the means to support another person. It sounds as if they are struggling. You are not homeless as your friend is helping you so do not dwell on what they will not do for you. Do not sever the relationship unless you are able to cope with the possibility of one or both of them passing away with you never having the chance to repair the strained relationship. Take care of yourself and build up your life again. Look and learn from the mistakes and do not repeat them. you are smart enough to know what was wrong.