I Hate My Parents And I'm Ready To Die...

I'm the oldest out of all my parents kids. I'm 18. My parents make me feel horrible. There are times that I cut myself, but lately I just feel like dying. My ex-boyfriend committed suicide when i was 17. I had been dating him for almost a year. Now I want to do the same. My parents treat me like a piece ****. I'm always being yelled at for nothing. I work and go to school, there are days that I'm tired and don't feel like dealing with my room nor homework. My room is always a little messing just some shoes and books in the corner, yet I still get yelled at about it. On week days I'm at home for all of twenty minutes before I leave for work. In those 20 mins. I'm usually getting myself ready for work and starting my homework or making my lunch. I don't have time to wash dishes, do some laundry, or even clean the living room. Yet I still get yelled at for it. My brothers get away with everything. They are both 13. All they do is go to school then come home and watch tv and eat dinner. Im usually eating dinner at 9-9:30 at night. I just hate my life and my parents.
unloved2012 unloved2012
Dec 15, 2012