I Want Out - This Is Long, Boring And Repetitive, I Wouldn't Advise Reading It

Unlike a lot of the stories i've read, my parents were actually really loving towards me. They gave me everything I wanted and still continue to do so, which is why I feel like i'm just using them. I know this may sound selfish, but if you were in my position you would understand a bit more.
My parents are the most stubborn people I have ever met, EVER. They never admit they're wrong, and continue to argue with each other, and me using pathetic, un though out arguments that virtually have no meaning at all and don't relate to anything. There was never any love between them, I honestly don't know why my mum married a selfish *******, and I have told them that so many times. I've even yelled "GET A DIVORCE" during fits of rage and frustration, and genuinely meant it.
My dad is the biggest ******* there is. He is selfish, arrogant, dumb, stubborn like I said, and refuses to accept anyone elses views or beliefs, even when there is more logic to it. He basically has the IQ of a child, which is further reiterated by the fact he is a cleaner, and he doesn't care about anyone or anything other than himself and his cigarettes. Every time he opens his mouth, he says something stupid or something that he says at least 3 times a day, and his tone is always harsh. He is basically the most negative person I know, and i'm fairly sure he has cheated on my mum sometime in his life.
My mum is honestly the sweetest person ever though, I think if she wasn't stubborn she would be the best mum ever. She always puts other people first and always does what's best for them, she even does this for my dad, which he obviously always just argues against. But the way she does it, and the way she speaks to me and my dad, just makes me so mad. She speaks to us as if we are inferior to her, as if (like my dad) she knows everything and her way is obviously correct. The only difference between her and my dad is I know she only does it out of love. My mum treats me like a child, always putting on a softer voice, and asking stupid questions that I don't even want to answer without yelling. She makes me feel so infuriated, but when she isn't asking me dumb questions and saying stupid things I am happy. The one thing she does that completely makes me go crazy is when we are arguing, she does this ******* high pitched laugh to mock whatever i'm saying, WHATEVER I AM SAYING! She does it at everything, and think she is right. or if i'm annoyed about something, she will deliberately do it just to **** me off. THIS happens every day.
I hate my home (not even sure I could call it that), but not one day goes past where I don't yell in frustration. I am still 16, with one year left of school. But as soon as I'm 18, i'm out. before you think of me as a heartless animal, somewhere deep down I do love my parents, but it's these little things everyday that make me forget that, and shove that love deep deeeeeeeep down.
angstyteenlol angstyteenlol
18-21, F
Jan 23, 2013