My Sick Twisted Mom.

When I was younger my sick twisted mom was a ***** she would be with a different guy through out my childhood , now that am older she is just alone . When I was small my mother just broke up with my brothers dad, from that point she never really settled again with someone. Just random boy toys. We were poor when I was young so we lived with my uncle in a small room, my sister were on the floor , my baby brother was on the bottom bunk bed with mom and I was on the top of the bunk . Since at that time my brother dad would still take my baby brother for the weekends my mom thought that would be the perfect time to bring over her boyfriends . Once I was woken up by the bunk bed moving a lot I opened my eye then knew I was not dreaming I then heard moaning and peaked over the side to the bottom bunk. I saw my mom night gown pulled up showing her *** and it was going up and down . I continued to watch until I heard my moms ***** juices coming out and her , her boyfriend at the same time began to moan. She stayed on top of him for a while then rolled off. I then just went back to bed. Another time my ***** mother had another boyfriend when we lived in the small room and one time I was playing with my toys in our room on the floor . My mom and her boyfriend were just watching tv. Then I heard them whisper to themselves then my mom told me to go play out in the living room with my toys I said no but she started to yell. I was smart for my age and having seen her have sex in the room before I knew what was going to happen . As soon as I left they closed the door and locked I looked under the door but only heard noises , I then when to my cousin room and put my ear against his wall and heard them a little better they went for a while then I heard my mom ******* then my moms boyfriend. A little while later they came out and asked what we wanted for dinner. I hated living at that house and wishes my uncle would have told her to stop having sex in his house . But he didn't and I could not do anything about it. I am glad she is alone now with only her dido to keep her company.
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Jan 23, 2013