For The Love Of A Daughter

I grew up as a different child from among the rest. I was loved in the beginning, but now as a teen- I'm the bit scum to the earth to my parents. I wanna leave, I wanna run to the arms of someone who will care for me, what I hate the most is I've suffered as a baby and they never took me to seek proffesional help. As a baby I knew something was wrong; I was always depressed. I wanted to end my life when I was 5-6 years old. I grew up learning how to pretend to be happy. If you were to meet me you'd probably think that I'm the Most Happiest Person In The World-Wrong. It's all an illusion. You Can Never Know How Bad Someone Is Suffering Who Smiles All The Time. My parents are evil. My father being the worst of all parents hates me, :'( you don't know how bad he treats me, I try my best to be the most amaziest daughter ever, but every single time I fail. I am the worst in his eyes. My mother, doesn't let me go out. She thinks imma' be whoring around. She also didn't want me when she found out that she was gonna have me. When she told me that I engaged myself to raise the happiest family ever. Being different among my family members is hard. They do not understand my beliefs, my opinions, they think I'm a jerk if I don't care if my parents are in pain. Umming why should I ? They don't care for me, they're not a shoulder to cry on, they're more like a Giant Whip that Abuses Me With Their Hatred and Neglect. They feed me, supply me with things. The one thing that I Want, I am desperate for is-Love.
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8 Responses Jan 23, 2013

Find a kind hearted man. How he treats the waiter is how he will treat you after 10 years of marriage.

Gosh from the sounds of things it would seem your parents have been pretty rough on there no way you can get away from them?

Sorry your parents don't see how wonderful there daughter is.

never rebel and look in another way maybe because of negative motivation hates set in why not approach it in a very calm way and learn to think why everytime people around you think you are different and love is always there you are family and family helps its other it may looks so harsh in another time or all those bad words are spoken too still i think blood is always matters with in the family even you are a black sheep or not still family first...About love with other person well you are still young and im sure you will find someone who will care and love you and become your family then later you will realize how important it is....for the being if you are student try your best to do excellent studies so it will reflect to your works and im sure everyone will be happy how change and your achievements will talk about what you did ok CHEERS....

I have not had a happy time with my parents.I agree, find a way out. I havent lived at home in like over a year. **** sucks, but Im so much happier now!

Wow, I hope you find your way out and can lead a happy life. I will listen if you want to talk.

Sometimes people mean well but don't understand where you are coming from exactly -- you need to be more assertive, to try to get them to respect your point of view. Other people, even if they love you, can't really do it all for you...

Please talk to your pastor or school counselor. They can offer support and guidance.