My Schnauzer Story From L-o-o-o-n-n-g Ago.

I'll be 46 in about a month. When I was 3, we got my first pet. She was a Miniature Scnauzer. Duchess. She had two litters of puppies. She died on my then-best friend's 16th b-day. It was only 19 days before my birthday. My mom and I took her to the vet's office. He gave her a shot. It is gettting to me now,and it's been almost 30 years . We put my first cat down over 10 years later.Those two days were rough. The latter came just weeks before I moved to my first apartment. The second dog over 11 years ago. Since then,we've had three cats. I think I want a dog the next time,if it's up to me.I think I want another Miniature Schanuzer. Maybe a male this time,so as to not compare exactly to Duchess. But,she could be trained to sit and shake. And,boy,when I was healthy,could she play ! She was also very loyal when I was horribly sick,never leaving my bed. She also--I was told,anyway--she knew when I came home from school and when I stayed at my paternal grandparents' house overnightm,she would look for me. A great,loyal friend when I needed one the most,especially being an only child,and a sickly one at that. I'll never forget her. I better stop before I REALLY let loose.

  I apologize. I accidentally put this into the wrong grouping of stories .  That's how dumb or I can be,or the type of thing I seem to do too often. I THOUGHT I was still in the MS story area. I swear I was ! Oh,well. Now, I COULD write a story on disliking my parents,dad,my life,etc. Maybe another time ?
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Jan 23, 2013