Just Something That Happened To Me Today

today is my mother’s birthday.

it took me and my mother the whole morning to prepare for a family meal, then all of a sudden my dad called home, saying that his friends were going to come over for lunch. we had only cooked for 4 people but my dad insisted that he wanted to treat his friends at home. we don’t even have enough seats in the dining room for seven people.

i was really angry, i don’t hate his friends, i don’t offend him bring his friends to the house either, but what annoyed me is, he doesn’t even bother to tell me or my mom first, if he wanted to invite his friends over, he should at least tell us one day earlier so we can prepare more food, but no.

this is not the first time he did thing like this, he is like, doing whatever he wants without caring about other members of our family. the last time he suddenly invited people to have dinner with us, the wasn’t enough food and my sister and i were left hungry, there were snacks and fruits in the refrigerator that we could eat later but still, i couldn’t help but felt annoyed toward my dad.

this time was no different, i was angry, we don’t have enough seats and didn’t cook enough food, i wanted to yell at him but i didn’t, i was just really hungry after the whole morning preparing lunch without eating anything but staying at home means i would have to wait till his friends finish eating to come to the kitchen, so when my little sister came home after school, i told her to go with me to a fast food restaurant nearby, and we had lunch there.

before we went out, i even heard a friend of my dad said that my dad told them he cooked this meal for my mother because today is her birthday, but the truth is, he spend the whole morning lying on the couch watching TV not even bother coming to the kitchen for once. the most ridiculous thing is, when me and my sister came back home, mother and him scolded us for leaving like that, as if dad’s friends stole our meal or something, and we embarrassed them acting like uneducated kids, and they told us we’re ungrateful little ******* and that we should feel ashamed of ourselves. i was like, what the hell, if i talked back they might hit me so i kept my mouth shut, but really, sometimes i just really hate my parents.
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Wow I have a same feeling