I Hate My Parents and They Hate Me.

Until I Was About 11, My Parents Loved Me And Got Me Just About Anything. Apperently, As I Got Older, My Parents Thought That I Had Become An Obnoxious Brat, Now Barely Trusting Me. They're So Hesitant About Bringing Me Anywhere Except Concerts And The Mall.  I Know They Hate Me, And I Know They'd Want To Kill Me If They Had The Option. They Love My Brother Much More Then They Love Me, And Sometimes I'm Okay With That! They Think I'm Anorexic, I Know I Am, But They Say It To My Face And To My Friends. I Don't Know What To Do About It.

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3 Responses Oct 22, 2008

Moon, you are so right!<br />
These people think they can control their children just because they're the 'parents'.<br />
<br />
It's good that your parents didn't affect you.<br />
How do you survive?<br />
For me it helps to know that i'm the better person.<br />
And i'll make sure I'll never be like them.

You know what I despise? There are all of these self-help book to get people over the trauma theyve ALREADY experienced, but SOCIETY doesnt allow the underlings, which in this case younger people to escape uncaring, unfit parents. Unless your life is in danger(and then you have to seek out help yourself) they dont allow any escape from the pain of unfit parents.<br />
It isnt fair that i am more mature than my parents and theyre the ones in charge. I know there are variances of this situation, and I guess what Im saying it sucks that they, the lesser individual, has control above you, the (hypothetically) higher one. My parents are the scum of the earth.

I know how you feel, to a degree. My parents don't hate me, but their utter lack of love or any strong emotion towards me and my siblings just...just shocks me. But, advice? I can't give you any of that. God, I wish I could though...