I Hate My Parents

They think i'm not grown up enough to have a phone, ipod, mp3 u name it i bet i havent got it. I know they don't love me because i think good parents should never hit their children. That what my parents do. They dont care if im in pain and im not allowed to show any emotion such as crying or showing happeness when say England have scored a goal. They've made my self-confidence so low it's gone right to the centre of the earth. It's just like being a slave except im not allowed in the kitchen so i cant cook anything. I can't watch what i want on the t.v. It's sooooo annoying. It really hard because every day i think of ways to kill myself but then i think of the few friends i have and the boyfriend who says he loves me and i try to cope with another day. Every night i say to myself, tomorrow at school i will tell my teacher but i enjoy school life so much i dont think about home. I just dont want to live with them any more.

Thanks for reading this and wasting several minutes of you time. If you have any comments i'll love to read them good or bad

Luv Angel4

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5 Responses Dec 11, 2008

That's the one upside to my parents, that haven't hit me (yet) cause they say it's against their morals. But I know that the verbal comments and the yelling is hard to take on it's own, so I can't imagine what the hitting has on top of that. My parents comments drove me to anarexia because even though I am not fat they Made me feel like i wasnt good enough, and I have considered suicide. But like you I have an Amazing boyfriend, and i took strength from him. You should do the same and i wish you luck x

My parents hit me too and showing emotion is another way to get spanked i have a boyfriend too his amazing! My friends know that i want to kill myself but they'd hug me and say 'Don't i would miss you' We have to stay strong were fighters and when were old enough we could all finally leave them.

i know exactly what you are going through. My parents are way out of hand when it comes to being in control of me. Its great that you have friends and a boyfriend that help you get through eveything.i hope you realize that life isnt so bad and it will get a lot better when you get older and make a life for yourself. Just learn from what your parents are doing to you, for whenever you decide to have children, & Definitely know that you are doing nothing wrong and everything will work out. Stay strong!

thx timbobulator reli appreciated xx<br />
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got GCSE's comin up an they always get more stressed than me........should be fun....not<br />

I feel what you are trying to say.Based on what you said, you need freedom; freedom to have, do, and express whatever you want. I'm glad that you have friends you can share your problems and also a boyfriend who loves you. I'm also glad that you have school for your interest. <br />
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~Good luck~