People I Live With. Nothing More

Some say it's a phase. That I'll get over it. "You're merely a teenager" they say. But I know better. I know better because I've had to live with the devils I call my parents. I try my damn hardest to be the best daughter they can ever have. I am in all AP classes, gets straight A+, join countless clubs, attend an elite music school, is polite to adults. But somehow, everyone else seems to notice...except for my parents. everything I do, it's never good enough. It can always be better. No words of encouragment ever come out of their mouths, only insults. They say I'm selfish and heartless. But in reality, I'm just going out of my way to make my dream come true, something they never even tried to do. My parents recently bought a house. They took half the money out of my own college savings account. The account that I started putting money into ever since I was 5. They took it. Every single penny. Better yet, they didn't even tell me about it. They call me selfish. They're hyprocrites. Who would take their own daughter's money without asking to buy themselves a house? I've thought about killing myself because it's been so hard. They just don't understand. It's like I have no feelings, ambition, or dreams. The minute I graduate high school, I don't want to see their faces ever again. I don't want any memories of them. I definitely don't want my future children to be surrounded by evil people such as my parents. I just want to get on with my life and forget about them. It might sound cruel, but anyone who says that just don't understand. My parents brought me into this world just to torture me, I'm merely a person whose life they can destroy.

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I know right, my parent treat me like slave, I try so hard to be a good daughter

I know how you're feeling as well. I'm in pre AP classes, I'm in ROTC, I'm respectable,straight,funny, and smart. I can get along with any adult or child or tern. Yet I cant seem to get along with my parents. My mother is a conceited b**** and doesn't listen to anyone but herself. When shes wrong she doesn't want to admit that shes wrong. She calls me 24/7 and when I get frustrated she calls me conceited. Any adult can tell you that I'm a great person but to her I'm a skinny annoying son. Shes always threatening to kick me out. And my hes worse. Smoking and cursing all the time. Than he has the nerve to get mad because I don't listen to "black music". He says "I'm a whir kid trapped into a black kids body" I'm 16 at the moment and to be honest I doubt I can last 2 more years in this hell hold

I know exactly what you're talking about. I'm in AP classes and have a 4.2 GPA. I am super good at sports like football, track and baseball. But my parents don't seem to give crap. My step dad always bosses me around (while sitting on his *** all day) and yells at me for making mistakes, the same ones he makes and shrugs off as no big deal. Him and my mom will be disappointed in me for getting a B in an AP class and will say i need to try harder. My sports go unnoticed with them. My step dad has told me he loves me before but it is so obviously fake and for my moms sake, it makes me want to puke. I will never kill myself of think of that... it's a dumb thing to do, never do that. But once I'm 18, I'm gone and starting fresh without them...

I feel the same way with you about finishing highschool and not wanting to ever see them again, I truly understand want your going through. We are like going through the same experience.

Is there an aunt or anyone else whom you can live with? I would probably get a lawyer and emancipate from your parents. Work and save up the money for college and of course, apply for those scholarships and DON'T look back. Once you're an adult, you must take control of all your assets and belongings. I hope you are able to get out and free yourself. *HUGS*

My parents are bad, but not this bad. If I was in your position I'd have already moved out.

I hate EVIL parents like that. Freaking embezzling lowlifes!!!! I'm sorry for your pain.

When I was 19 years old, I caught my mother making 3 different $200 withdrawals ($600) from my account by writing 3 different checks to pay her bills. I made the mistake of letting my mother manipulate me into managing my finances by paying my bills for me with my checks, because she decided to overpay some over HER bills with MY money, now I caught all 3 times, and I made her pay it all back, but if I would have done it over again, I would have just said nothing and called the police.

I'm now 30 yrs old, and I look back on that crap from the past, and how they continued to screw my life up in their attempts to control me and bury me, and now I'm about to turn over a new LIFE and move out of town with my girl, change my hair color, and start over, but I'm a bit fractured mentally and my health is very poor despite my efforts, all due to the past trauma my EVIL parents have done. I hope I can do it and manage to take care of my girl at the same time.

I can really understand what your going through. my family is the exact same way. I can't wait to get out when I'm 18 and never have to deal with the pain anymore.

I can really understand what your going through. my family is the exact same way. I can't wait to get out when I'm 18 and never have to deal with the pain anymore.

i can understand ur feelings

whoooo if that was me i would have destroy their home and breack anything there's i would called them hyprocrities and selfish in their faces not in my mind.

What you need to do is call Child protective services. I do believe what they have done with your personal savings account is illegal. Al least it is where i live. My parents tried to access my account for car savings, and were fined $2500 for it.

Don't let your parents destroy the wonderful person you are.

You are so nice

Have a good life. May God bless all of you

Keep doing what your doing, but do it for yourself. sounds like you have a successful future ahead of you, don't let them take that.