Dreading to Visit Parents

The last couple of times that I traveled to visit my parents, I had a horrible time. Drama, drama and more drama. I left my native country almost ten years ago and never looked back. Now, I have to go back (impromptu) to help my mother with some legal issues and with so little notice, I have no other place to stay but in their house. (Believe me, I am considering to stay in the car out in a parking lot)

I hate feeling this way, right now is 3:08 am, and I can't fall back asleep because I am worrying about how miserable of a time I am going to have.  My husband have wonderful family, I love to visit them and spend time with them, but now I have to visit mine (by myself) and I am just dreading every single minute. What is wrong with me? I am an adult and yet I feel so vulnerable and anxious as I did when I was a child.

Any advice in how to handle this?

Sleepingemi Sleepingemi
1 Response Feb 22, 2009

What are you afraid of? The awkwardness?