I hate how at night, my parents talk about me.
They think I can't hear but the walls here are thin. I love knowing that you want to punch me in the face, that I'm a huge let down, that you think I'm pathetic for having depression.
Way to go mum! you've made me feel so good and my dissociative so much better... gold star!
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My parents used to do the same thing, to my face and behind my back.
One thing I wish someone had told me back then was that their opinion is nothing; roll with the punches and when your time comes to break loose, take it.
Parents often say things out of confusion and when they are at a loss. Not saying their words don't hurt and should be said, but as a parent of some very difficult to manage boys, I know what it's like to be at your wits end and out of answers.
Sounds like you should talk to your school counselor for help, if you trust them.

Moms can be total b****es at times