My parents are the reason I want to kill myself.
SkinnyJenny420 SkinnyJenny420
18-21, F
3 Responses Aug 18, 2014

Hun I felt the same about mine at your age. It's abuse and neglect on their part. Life can get better. Emotionallying detach from them and build your life with good people around you. They won't change unfortunately. Love and hugs go out to you xx

same... when i told my mom i was self harming in the eighth grade in my guidance counselors office she promised me i would get therapy and all sorts of other bs but the minute we left she told me i had ruined her day. it took her over a year and several suicidal posts on facebook to actually make her get me professional help

I see that you are young.... So on a positive side ... Once you are on your own.... You can go where you want... Answer the phone if they call or don't .... Visit them or not..... And control every aspect of your own life....And when you one day have kids of your own... You will know the kind of mom you want to be..... And your kids will think you are the greatest!! And your childhood memories fade away as you raise your own kids and make memories with them :).....but I am sorry you are having it rough now!!!!