Some Sort of Children Privacy Law?

I'm 14, and my parents told me that they were so worried about me that they asked our phone provider to send them a copy of all my texts incoming and outcoming. I have never felt so violated. So I am asking? Can they do that? I mean there's got to be something... I'm upset and angry because they've invaded my privacy.. It's not like I was doing anything wrong.. I feel like they have no right to read them.. So are their any laws that prevent them from doing this? Thanks

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2 Responses Mar 2, 2009

Dear parents are overrated, but sadly most of the ++++++ up stuck up society is blind to this fact<br />
and they can dear sorry

Hun, your out of luck. They pay the bills so they have the right to view anything they'd like, even if it's not righfully theirs or even morally right to look at.