Why Are They So Stubborn???

Do your parents speak scarasm all the time?? Mine does.

Just 30 mins in the living room with him and feel like it's hell!!!. Should call the it death room instead.Here's the story.

So football season is here again and my father wanna watch his matches. I can understand. But why does he have say it like we are watching retarded TV shows and his show is more important, blah blah blah... Is he born stupid or something??? I just wanna strangle him or in my case inflict pain upon myself

Anyway here's the next thing that happened. My brother ( He's 12) injured himself while rock climbing the other day and scape his knee... the skin came off and the skin was weeping. Being the youngest my father was super whooper duper concerned and ended up irritating my brother with all these questions about why he did see the doctor. This grew into an agruement between my parents. Its like the lamest thing i can ever thing about to start an arguement.

Than being a nurse in training and all, i heard him say stuff like he needed immediate attention, and antibiotics and all the other crap with i didn't agree to so i decided not to continue listening. HELLO... i've been to the hospital like so many times and his wound is like so minor, going to the doctor would just be a waste of money, and since you're not paying for it, SHUT THE F*** UP!!!!

Just a note, i didn't say a thing the whole time. If i did i would end up staying a night at my friend's house. Sometimes parents call us stubborn, irritating and even stupid ( in my case), don't they ever realise that we got it all from them!!! our actions are just the *iffing reflection of them...

AHHHH!!!!!!Sometimes, i just really migrate to somewhere far and never come back!

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Mar 14, 2009